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Muslim Call to Prayer                                            May 23rd 2020

My beloved country “Canada” has taken another step down the slippery slide to normalizing Christianity and all the moral and historic laws that have been the rock that our society has come to enjoy and prosper under. Our laws over the past two to three decades have quickly been ravaged by the Progressives allowing the two most vulnerable of our society, the unborn and the elderly to be at risk. This because of our leader’s distain to legislate against abortion and euthanasia. Is it any wonder that some are becoming very disturbed at the latest government announcement that Muslims will be able to blast from their highest mosque towers over loud speakers, the call to prayer during Ramadan. This, on the surface seems a rather simple request. For hundreds of years Christians have been called to worship by the bells in the steeples of all our Protestants and Catholic churches. It is a beautiful thing to hear on a Sunday morning.  Not so the blaring male voice calling all Muslims chanting indistinguishable chants that go on far too long. As in all cases with this religion, Ramadan is the thin edge of the wedge. Our society has now been labeled as hypocrites by Tabassum Wyne (executive director of the Muslim Advisory Council of Canada) for not allowing this to be a standard practice and that we should rescind the laws of our country and allow this offensive noise on a regular basis numerous time a day. My faith as a Christian is a faith of love and peace. Our laws are based on Christian values. Muslims will argue that they are also a peace believing religion but their book of faith the “Quran” spells out many times their true goals and that is world dominance and death to all that will not bow to their religious beliefs. If you have lived as I have in a Muslim country, you would have a better idea as to how Sharia law and living within the sound of their call to prayer can be very intimidating and down rite scary.

Paul D. Scott



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