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Politics Playing Medicine

June 21/21

In some of my former writings, I have cited the example of the 3rd Reich in the 1930’s as what was happening then and what we are seeing now, even though most of us are ignoring it. Where the German race was being purged using gas, gross experiments on twins, those with mental and physical deficiencies and for religious reasons, millions were sacrificed in the name of advancing medicine. Today, we are in the midst of a hoax that has been perpetrated on the world population with the skill of a surgeon’s scalpel.  Not millions, but a large part of the world population has been negatively affected by covid 19 and many hundreds of millions are paying for the extremes of a few aspiring for The Great Reset.

It started in the United States of America under the presidency of Barak Husain Obama.  I am no fan of this man but he did in his wisdom try to stop the further enhancement of the Sars virus that was being experimented on to make it more lethal to the human race. Enter Dr. Death, Andrew Fauci who skillfully through manipulation guided funds so the experiments could continue at the China lab in Wuhan China. Newly found documents show this to be true. The following story is an assumption by a very well-respected Doctor that has relayed this story just recently. The lab because of poor security and neglect transferred the deadly virus out on the shoes of an employee that was travelling to Millan where many Chinese were employed in the leather industry. This part of Italy has the largest concentration of elderly Italians and the largest number of senior homes. Covid19 got started there and word got out and exploded when Neil Ferguson, not a doctor nor an accredited scientist, wrote an explosive report that was picked up by the media and like fire in a field of dry grass exploded into an inferno that once started could not be put out. Rather than treat the outbreak as it should have been, seclusion, Tylenol and aspirin and allow it to take its normal course of infecting others, that will become immune and in time, will peter out naturally. The politicians stepped in along with doctors and began treating it as if this was going to be a world catastrophe. Things got out of hand and the overreaction created panic and fear so as to open the gates to others that saw the opportunity for their evil objectives.  Many accredited but silenced doctors and scientist have tried to put this theory forward to deaf ears. Because the media and most egotists will reject the fact that mistakes were made in the beginning, the scene was set to be played out with one lie on top of another, and here we are today, a confused and fearful world hoping for the return to sanity.

Most of my world are quite happy to receive the vaccine in whatever means and brand first becomes available. The well-orchestrated and astute made the vaccine available in short supply at first playing on human nature to want whatever was hard to get. Now that it is in good supply and even has been shown that it is of little benefit based on the fact that the virus is not as lethal as the vaccine. The whole system is spending millions to attract the 50% that have held back. Many people are very happy and relieved to have had their second shot and then there are the pessimists that are waiting for more tests and assurances of a safe and reliable product that works. Extreme pressures are put on the public with threats of loss of jobs, travel, access to shopping and the basics of life if they do not accept the needle. This is something just a few months ago would have been called impossible. But here we are, living in an impossible world. If we all accept the promise of normality again by kneeling to the new leadership, will things return to normal?  I wonder.

Paul D. Scott.

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