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Biden // Trudeau


If you are a member of the North American society, the “United States and Canada”, you are probably wondering what the hell is going on? How is it that everything our two leaders do seems to bring our two countries down to a level that puts our people less healthy, less well nourished, poorer, less protected from evil within our country and beyond.  If you are of the mental capacity of most of the folks on the street interviews shown on many TV talk shows, then you will not know what a recession is or what is going on in the Ukraine or where China is on a world map. You are in a world of your own and when you wake up to reality, it will probably be too late.

Unfortunately, Americans are ruled by two totally incompetent fools that are taking our countries down a very dirty road that if not stopped will throw all 400 million of us into poverty and subserviency. Only the ultra-rich and the evil leaders will be spared. They will be our globalist masters.  How does one analyze the decay that has set into our two countries without coming to this conclusion?

 In Canada, we are blessed with a country that has abundant wealth in our natural resources which the world is wanting to buy. Our government and especially Trudeau and Freeland are hung up on the Progressive Woke nutty idea that the world will perish if we don’t implement Global Warming rules.  In the meantime, our people are suffering and will, even more in the future.  According to Klaus Schwab of the WEF, he is running Canada and Trudeau and Freeland and more than half of the Canadian members of parliament are his lackeys.

 In the USA, Obama and his gang are Puppeteers for Biden and Harris along with the Gang of 4 that will soon be thrown aside and not too soon. Biden was Obama’s VP not because he was smart but because he bent with the wind and could be manipulated.  Obama admitted that Biden never made a correct decision in the almost 50 years he was in politics. He has proven that he is totally corrupt and incapable of being president.

Either these two are stupid or perhaps they are pretty smart and have an agenda to bring down their countries and end up as dictators. Either way, they both fit into the category of psychopathic liars that will do anything for attention and control. They both have a pension for women and girls. Biden was reported as showering with his daughter until as a teen she put a stop to it and he also has a habit of smelling female hair.  Trudeau has good looking women around him and is always hugging them at every opportunity. Some very attractive ministers are among his inner circle that are not there for their expertise in political matters.

When the pedal hits the metal and all is said and done, we are in very bad shape with the quality of leadership we have in our two countries.  

Paul D. Scott

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