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Continued from June 14th 2023

Feb 11th 2024

For many of us in North America, the End Times are just rumours that those Bible believers use to try to scare the rest of the world into joining their church, or believing in an invisible God that never is around when he is needed.  To others, it is another Fake news blast. The further south you travel in the USA, the more churches you will find and in the so-called Bible belt you will find a Baptist church on almost every concession corner in that part of rural America.  In my Canada, church going has become a rare pastime and hardly ever practiced by folks under the age of 70. How things have changed in such a short time. Has God really given in to the saints of Hell and allowed his people to fend for themselves in sin?   1st John 5-18-21.

The subject that I am drawn to write about to-day is on many of our minds, and should be clarified for all to understand.   I have been studying this subject for a long time and not really given it much thought until a friend mentioned that he did not understand any of it. When I tried to explain my belief, I was shocked to realize that I had more questions than answers.

  For many years I have been subscribing to a monthly magazine called “Tomorrow’s World” It is one piece of mail that has a real message every issue. It puts the Bible teachings into world issues of the present time. This has helped me over the years to understand the thinking and actions of mankind and how we are measured against Bible prophesy.  The Bible is one quarter prophesy that I as a layman have difficulty fully understanding. So, this piece is what the folks at “Tomorrow’s World” have interpreted regarding the End Time and you will be glad you have read this as it is Good News for many and others will need to change some of their thoughts and lifestyles for it to be good for them as well.

When You Die, do you want to go to heaven? Or what?

I have heard this on my TV lately and it has a question that for many, very seldom do they think about. I suspect most would say, yes, I want to go to heaven. Because the alternative is not a very desirable. “Dante”, in his three-part poem, {Commedia} written in the early 14th century, tells of the fires of hell. This is probably the first reference to fire and Hell.  However, the Bible speaks not of the fires of hell but the deep pit of hell for sinners against God’s Laws. The Greek word “Hades” means pit or grave. Hell, as it is described in the Bible is, a pit of darkness, underground, farmers would refer to potatoes as “helling” them as to store them underground. The related fire connotation is reserved for the devil Satin, released at the end of the Millenium period and for the last time, vanquished and along with the truly unrepentant human reprobates and sinners that will be thrown into the Lake of Fire for eternal suffering, pain and anguish.

The Bible states that there will be multiple resurrections. Jesus Christ will return for the second time and the world will know of his arrival without a doubt. At that time, all the saints that have sacrificed their lives in the name of God and his son Jesus Christ will be immortalized and will be rulers with Jesus in the Millenium period of 1000 years of peace. There will be prosperity and spiritual abundance during the Millenium period leading to   the next dramatic step in God’s plan for mankind.

 All those living and dead who have accepted Jesus as their God and savior while here on earth and will meet Christ in the clouds to be with him for the 1000-year Millenium on earth. They also will be immortalized and will have many duties to perform in the name of goodness. This will be the first resurrection.

The second resurrection is when all the souls will be restored from the grave to physical life. Rev. 20-4-5 – Ezekial 37.  There will be a last chance for all who have rejected God and true Christianity, they are the masses from the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and those who never heard the word or rejected it in their time on earth, to who Christ said he would give tolerance upon acceptance. Rejection, will be condemned and extinction to the Lake of fire --- that will be final.

The third resurrection will be the resurrection of eternal punishment through death in the Lake of Fire. It will be called The Great White Throne judgement period. All those throughout history who have lived and died and have known and understood the history and the truth and knowingly but cast it aside and rejected it will be, with the Devil himself, raised for the third resurrection, the resurrection to eternal punishment through death in the Lake of Fire. This is the final act to rid the world of sin.

Finally, the struggle will be over for mankind and we and all the saints will join God having dominion over all the Universes into infinity.  God is our maker and provider. He will be master of all and vanquisher over evil.

Many of my family and friends will be reluctant to read this piece. Human nature being what it is, however, I felt compelled to write it as it is the most important decision we can make in this fragile life of ours.  This world is closing in on us very quickly to where we will have fewer and fewer choices. Now is the time for the beginning of a new life. It is your life and only you can decide if you are for Good or Bad, God or Satin, Heaven or the Lake of Fire.  There is no gray area with God.


Paul D. Scott                  


Many of these words and claims are taken from “Church of the Living God” publication called “Tomorrow’s World” and their individual booklets. These are free for the asking at –

PO Box 3810 Charlotte, NC 28227-8010 USA 1 (704)844 1970

PO Box 465 London, On N6P 1R1 Canada       1 (905) 814 1094

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