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Be Prepared!


For many years I made my living as a very successful salesman. I believe I have sold almost everything. They say “you can always sell a good salesperson”. The internet is full of both good and bad, more and more we are being bombarded by doom and gloom stories of the end times and to be prepared for a total financial collapse, or cyber space calamity or our whole grid system will fail or the Russians or the Chinese are coming to invade us. The biggest bluff perpetrated on we poor souls was global warming and when that was proved to be false,  now all we hear from those who should know better is climate change. The climate has been changing since time began. At the end of a tiring hour of videos and graphs, warnings of human suffering and disaster building up to a climax, “ Just buy our news letter or book and all will be well.”  Many of these scare tactics are possible and could be a part of our future and we should always be on our guard to take appropriate action to protect ourselves and our families from harm. But I think we are getting numb to these reoccurring stories. The sky is falling is in our face all the time. This may be a trick to put the world to sleep before something does happen that would be catastrophic. Perhaps it would be a good idea to take some precautions. Not a bad idea to stock up on water and canned goods as well as a hand can opener. Rice and pasta keep well and if you are really in the spirit, a generator and back up gas could be a great life saver. Cash money will be an asset as well as we don’t realize how we depend on electronic purchasing. Don’t forget a battery radio and back up supply of batteries and candles.

Now that little lesson is over, I have a thought that perhaps we as a nation should be considering.

 I am amazed how many friends and acquaintances I am encountering that are shunning the old ways of life, the morals we were brought up to respect, belief in God as a supreme power, and Christianity. I have been chided more and more recently just for expressing my faith in my God and the teachings of the Bible. The US and Canada are planning on bringing tens of thousands of Muslim refugees to our shores while thousands of Christians are being slaughtered by Muslims that have vowed to kill all infidels if they do not convert to the Muslim faith. The president of the United States, born and raised a Muslim would not consider including the Christian refugees and our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is following in the footsteps of this misguided non leader. Both claim to be Christians but leave little proof by their actions.

What a sad state of affairs we are leaving our children and grand children. 

Paul D. Scott


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