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Free Speech & Fear to take a Stand

March 1st.2023


I have been told that we are living in unprecedent times. The world is experiencing a change over, at least an attempt by some very evil people to reduce the world population by any means possible. The theory is to reduce the population by a large percentage so that the balance living will be the humans that never had a back bone to stand up to authority in today’s times. Or, individuals that are very naive and have been clothed with a spell like mist that has clouded their self-awareness to believe as they did during covid days that government will be our savior.  Those remaining will then be de-humanized to do the bidding of the few authoritarian devils with all the power, influence and wealth. These sub-humans will be transformed into robotic slaves to do the bidding of the Oligarch’s every demand.  They will have world control. (Sounds like we are in for a fun time ahead.)

Word on the street is that to avoid this nightmare, there are few options. The WEF under Klaus Schwab has gained a foothold by organizing almost all global Oligarchs, major financial institutions, industrial, medical, political and media  around the globe to partner in this breakup of the world as we know it. Notables such as Henry Kissinger {still living at 99}, Pres. George W. Bush, the British Royal Family, Pres Obama and Pres Biden, our own Prime Minister Justin Trudeau {Castro} and his sidekick Chrystia Freeland, Micron of France, George Soros, Bill Gates, practically all the multi billionaires of Silicon Valley, Blackrock that holds control over Trillions of US $ in stocks of every major company in the world, and the list goes on.

This is a pretty formable enemy, especially when the real enemy of these world dominators are the billions of people that will be affected most negatively, and we are in a daze at best wondering, what is going on? If this sounds pretty Orwellian, it is just that. Marshall McLuhan and many others going back many decades have predicted much of what has just started in our times. The greatest book, the Bible has been telling us through many prophesies, the events we are witnessing today. The most profound in my opinion is the fact that the most powerful country in the world, the USA has started to fulfill the words of the Bible brought on by its total rejection of almost all the Bible laws and morals. Countries that have based their laws and morals on Bible teachings will be blessed, but when they reject their former basic Bible teachings, they will perish. Nothing the present administration, under the so-called leadership of President Joe Biden makes any sense. It is as if the country is being run by little children that are mentally deranged. In the past two years, every political decision made has reduced America (and Canada) closer to a third world country.

 We know Biden and Trudeau are incapable of making any rational decisions so what or who is behind the leaders pulling the strings? The Oligarchs and evil within the CIA and the FBI. These once law enforcers have become evil directors of the White House and Ottawa. The majority of the North American public have been taken in by the evil within their own governments. Only the people which are still the majority can defeat this enemy but only by standing strong and fearless and saying NO to swamp rot that has taken over the governments. Fear and fear alone will defeat us.

 Mankind still has one more shell in the breech. That shell is God’s word. HE will save the world and all who believe in Him.

The Bible teaches that the major conflict will be in Europe and the Middle East. The USA will probably be reduced to a minor position by this time. As no one knows the future, however, most all scholars say a major conflict will take place when the hoards from the north come down on their tiny foe, Israel. The fields and valleys will be running with blood and piles of broken bodies. Hopefully the Rapture has taken place and all who believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, will be spared these terrible last days.

Paul D. Scott

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