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Losing Faith

Jan. 21/22

In the past, when losing faith meant our faith in our God or a religion was showing signs of doubt or weakness. My title for this writing goes further, much further. Yes, there is no doubt that the world has turned in a different direction where God and Christianity are concerned. Our churches are closing for lack of interest and God and Jesus Christ are to many, just an expression and not a very complimentary one either. For much of the population “faith” was turned over to the high priest of health and science, Teflon Toni, Dr. Anthony Fauci. The vaccine was coming and have faith, it will cure all our ills and the world will return to normal. Encouraging words from a recognized guru of the science world, to a frightened and insecure population that have by now retreated into their homes and dared not to come out without a mask and to stay as far away from friends and relatives as humanly possible.

To add to our terror, small businesses were closed, so were our Churches, theatres, sports centres, restaurants and any place where a Group would normally gather, except the large box stores. Line-ups were a common problem and in hind sight, we should have questioned, why were we able to shop in a big store owned by multi-national conglomerates and not our Momma and Pappa stores?  

The answer is just now being revealed to more and more that are curious enough to ask the questions that have been on the minds of such a small number of we the unclean and dejected. Faith in our governments, health care politics, politicians and media were carelessly placed.  Promises have been broken time and time again, masks are useless and distancing is a joke, clean and sanitize everything you bring into your home was false information. The virus is an airborne mist that where masks are concerned, as protective as a chain link fence to a mosquito.  We are told by idiots like Biden and Trudeau to get vaccinated and all our troubles will vanish. Have faith in your government. Proof is presented every day that three jabs are worse than two because our natural immunity is further compromised. The more spike protein (toxin) and aluminum we inject ourselves with, the sooner we will be overcome with many debilitating health problems in the future.  Over 100 young athletes have collapsed on the field and died following their second and third jabs. Myocarditis is thought to be the cause but is yet to be confirmed. High levels of physical stress on an inflamed heart could be the reason for these untimely deaths. Why would we have faith in the words of those who have lied to us over and over. Trudeau along with Macon of France and Merkle of Germany, (all three are graduates of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum), and their mandate is to make all mankind subservient to a central leader. It is called “The Great Reset,” making zombies of Jabbed people world-wide.  

Israel, the world’s most Jabbed country has just admitted that the latest variant, Omicron is not affected by the biological weapon, falsely known as the vaccine.  They are reporting a failure in their vaccine regiments. Great Britain has dropped all mandates and restrictions. It is good that Boris Johnson has seen that if you keep on making the same mistake over and over and expect a different result, you will soon be looked upon as an idiot. Italy, Austria, the USA and Canada as well as many more stubborn self-serving countries have leaders that have not learned anything from their past mistakes. Our own Doug Ford seems, regrettably in the same boat as so many, 30 seconds to make the decision to close our province once again. So many fools with only one asset, ego. There is a theory that this could back-fire on us that ending all the restrictions could be used as the reason for more hospital crowding later blaming covid instead of the results of the jab. Hospital crowding will be much worse if and when the results of the jab will  be realized.

One very prominent personality that has done a complete reversal is Dr. Oz.  Past shows revealed Oz as a follower and convert of Fauci. However, the good Doctor Oz has had a conversion and has called Fauci the J. Edgar Hoover of heath care in the USA. Fauci should be fired for managing health care so poorly as to show the U.S. having more deaths per million than any other country. Dr. Oz can afford to take a stand against Fauci and the evil brains behind this act against mankind. Too many are affected by the tenacles of Fauci’s healthcare monopoly of lies and deceit, big money and false medicine. So many professionals are impacted and at risk of losing their professional income if they go against the false narrative of to-day.  Tucker Carlson on Fox News, (the highest rated news program in the USA) interviewed Dr. Robert Malone, a virologist and the inventor of mNRA vaccine. Dr Malone explained some of the many faults of this biological weapon and how it has been abused and used by evil to gain control over the world population. Tucker called Fauci “a Stalinist dwarf that thinks he is God”.

Dr. Tenpenny another early vax denier claims studies are ongoing delving into “Quantum Entanglement”. This is a neuro electronic connection with the end game of eliminating God from our midst. It is like hypnotizing or brain washing, she likens it to the building of the Tower of Babylon to be worshipped instead of God almighty. God came down and dispersed the crowd to all parts of the world and gave each group a different language so they would not be able to organize against him again. That is where Babbling baby comes from.

Graphene oxide in the brain connected to neurons apparently can control the brain externally. The problem is there are foreign objects in this man-made jab that have not been identified and any theory at this point cannot be rejected.  That is when scientists of opposing thoughts discuss all the options and theories to move forward to scientific break throughs. Fauci has his theories and they are final, others with opposing ideas and solutions through this whole Sars debacle have been censored and silenced.  Is it any wonder many seeing this and recognizing it for what it is are losing faith in society, health care, government, the media and friends and family?  Where can we turn for safety and peace and security? 

Our Bible says,

 John 8/12

“Then Jesus spoke to them again saying, I am the light of the world. He who follows me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”


Faith in man is a false faith, for man can never be trusted. We are weak and he (God) is strong and truly our only hope.  Too many of us have listened to false prophets, people like Fauci, Collins, Gates, Trudeau and Biden. Men and women alike with an agenda that is not in the public’s best interest. The world is a dangerous place.  We must be far more suspicious than in the past. The age of innocence has long left the dock and we are in very stormy seas.  Get your life vest on and be prepared for the next storm. Have Faith in God our Heavenly Father.

Paul D. Scott 

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