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The Great Canadian Indigenous Con


Canada Day 2017 celebrated the 150th birthday of the founding of this great country. When the first settlers arrived here from Europe about 600 years ago, they were greeted by native people that were fragmented into small tribes. The very first to arrive in North America were the Scandinavians over 1000 years ago but not much is recorded of their arrival. To the explorers, these people were wild with no written language and very primitive homes, living in tents or tee pees made from animal skins and long wooden poles. This living style suited them as they were nomads following the animal herds for food. When they were on the move they pulled all their belongings fastened between two sticks pulled along the ground by the women or perhaps a large dog or pony. The tribes were scattered but did have certain territorial boundaries. They fought furiously and killed the warriors and took the women and children they didn’t kill, for sex and slavery. The Huron tribe was the largest and most cruel and war like.  Finally the Iroquois gathered other tribes and completely wiped the Hurons off the map, every man, woman and child. Scalping your foe and leaving him to die a slow and painful death was a standard practise. This culture has been bred into these people for 40,000 years or more. After all this time, would you not expect some cultural progress?  Perhaps a form of writing, a uniform language, a wheel?

This past week-end (Canada’s 150th birthday) put a whole new face on first nations people that history would have some conflict with. The media and some politicians are painting a picture of a serene people sitting by a fire smoking a peace pipe and only interested in fishing and hunting.

However, the real world if we take our coloured glasses off will reveal a people that have not evolved from their warlike tribal ways. They have not accepted our culture, as rotten as it seems at times. They admit that our western culture is not theirs and they do not need to follow the rules of structure and order.  

I am getting tired of seeing my tax money wasted on people who do not accept our rules but want more and more from us. I hear about what a wonderful culture these people have so show me just one thing they have contributed to improve our society or theirs? We are told that there are 1.4 million indigenous people in Canada, there are some exceptional among them but very few.

The Christian church came to these shores with the intention of helping the children out of their poverty and squalor, to remove them from broken homes and homes where alcohol was causing death and mayhem.  To educate these people so they would be able to assimilate into a society where they would be equal. Yes, some mistakes were made by a few, some children were hurt badly but many were not and grew up to be fine citizens. We have government agencies such as Children’s Aid and others that are doing this very same thing to-day.

The church to-day in this Christian country is under siege from all sides. Let’s not all fall for this crap trap that our poor native people are downtrodden and persecuted and it’s all the fault of the White man.  Perhaps it is time to reduce the budget of billions and send the money to the chiefs of the tribes.  Let their own people hold their leaders accountable for the equal distribution within the tribes and let’s see if that will work. We need to take them off the bottle and give them the sense of worth by letting them manage their own affairs.  


Paul D. Scott.

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