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America’s authoritarian fourth estate


National Post – Oct. 29th. 2020

Rex Murphy  “America’s authoritarian fourth estate”


I am still waiting for the National Post to get onto probably one of the most important stories in the past 50 years. That being the media’s disregard of the Washington Post’s Hunter Biden scandal. This is the same newspaper that broke the Watergate scandal and they are now certain that they have proof that the candidate for president of the United States, “Joe Biden” is heavily involved. If he wins the election and fulfills his promises, the world will be changed forever. When can we the public have a real news story on this scandal on the pages of the National Post? We do love Rex Murphy.

Paul D. Scott  


The World in Turmoil    Oct. 29th 2020


It is now two years since I was told that I had only 6 months to live as I had a cancer that would cause me to starve to death or worse. Here I am and since I am still breathing, perhaps I should continue writing a bit about my thoughts regarding events that are now in the news and perhaps one event that the news media is afraid to delve into.

 I have just sent a letter off to the National Post regarding Rex Murphy’s piece exposing much of the media’s reluctance to cover the Hunter and Joe Biden scandal. The Washington Post, the oldest and very respected NEWS paper in the USA, yes, the paper that broke “Watergate,” was blocked by Twitter, and NPR refused to even mention the story as well as most of the US and Canada’s media. The left are so much in control of the print and broadcast media (95%), that we the public are not informed about things going on that are negative towards the new Progressives and the radial left. Hunter Biden and Uncle Jim and Hunter’s father ( the big guy, the chairman and presidential nominee) are peddling themselves off to any country that have the cash and would like to be recognised in future decisions of the USA. Neither Joe, his brother Jim or son Hunter have any talents other than political influence. If Joe does become the 45th president of the USA in less than a week from now, and if he can keep the radical left at babye, things will be bad enough. If he can’t and his vice president takes over, it will be curtains for the free world. This is what we have to look forward to, pretty frightening. Trump looks pretty good in the light of a Bidden presidency.

Covid 19.  Is next.

Masks -   I am again probably very much in the minority when I say that we are being duped by the media, the government officials and the scientific establishment. Many doctors around the world are speaking out about the truth about wearing masks. They do not work! They are a “feel- good bandage that we the public have bought into. Distancing and masks make us think that we are doing something to protect ourselves and others. This plague transmits as a mist thousands of times smaller than any mask on the market to-day can filter. That is why Fouche and WHO at the beginning said they were not of any use. Who has come back condemning masks but this statement has been played down by the media. Doctors from around the world have put statements out to prove their point but have been ignored and censored. Australia, USA, UK and many other countries including 400 doctors from Belgium and 600 from Germany and Canadian doctors are silent for the most part, perhaps if they go against the government program, they could lose their licence to practice here.

Treatment. -   16 out of 16 studies in the US have shown that in early stages of covid19 Hydroxychloroquine along with Zinc and vitamin ‘D’ are effective.  HCQX has been in use for many years and is cheap and effective but now banned in many places by non professionals, politicians and media that have no place in medical decisions.  

Our people are suffering and tired of being forced by this insidious plague to change what we as a society of human beings have practiced for hundreds of years. We in good health and under 65 in age need to put this aside and get on with our lives. We seniors need to take responsibility for ourselves and take the proper precautions if we want to avoid getting sick and perhaps bring our lives to a premature closure. Many have died but far more have survived, the death rate is being reduced to nearly 0.07% on average. Pre-existing problems must be considered by all in making their future life plans. 

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