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Trudeau’s Secret Agenda  November 17th. 2020


Our boy wonder “Justin Trudeau” loves to talk and say very little. Most Canadians hear him for about 30 seconds and then turn him off. Perhaps he was counting on this while speaking at the UN last July.  Fox News has picked up on his speech and has exposed it as an open admission of progressive politicians using COVID-19 to advance their left-wing narrative. This is being done without a mandate from the electorate.  Trudeau stated that COVID-19 was a good opportunity for the left to initiate a new start for their left-wing agenda, climate change, abortion and same sex marriage, open borders and God knows what other demonic schemes he has planned to feist on the public. Watch out in the future for this Prime Minister of ours. He has a new Canada planned for us and it could be quite different especially for the middle class.

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