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Ontario students deserve better


Am I a lone voice in a wilderness of teachers whimpering about what a terrible world this is having to educate our young?  As far as I have been able to determine, only politicians, government employees and teachers have an iron clad contract that gives them a retirement plan that is second to none, including banker’s hours, and only having to turn up for little more than nine months a year. Yes, they have to contend with spoiled over indulged parents and students but that is our society to-day, not what it was when classrooms were 40 plus students, but where the teacher had total control and could rule with authority and be given the respect they once deserved. Perhaps our teachers would be better served if they were to rise up in their thousands and demand that they be given the right to take back control over the classroom. Demand respect for their chosen profession and start demanding better performance from their students.

The world is getting smaller and competition for better educated young people will grow.  That is why Alberta is implementing a new program that ties performance with budgets. They are joining a select group of educators from Hong Kong and parts of Europe and the US that are on the leading edge of changes in the way we educate our young people.

I had the pleasure during a visit to Hong Kong a few years ago of enjoying the company over dinner with a crusty British educator, the Minister of Education for Hong Kong. You knew by his demeaner he demanded student respect and I am sure now the Chinese have taken over, that has not changed. Our kids need to be ready with an arsenal of education that will be world class.

I hope that if Premier Ford decides to get into the new world of education, he will get the support of the teachers and their unions. It is not about the teachers, they are well looked after, it’s about Ontario’s future generations.

 Paul D. Scott.  23 Aaron Trail, Welland    289-820-7783



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