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The Obvious doesn’t seem to Matter.

April 14th. /22

Because of covid, for the past two years I have not been able to have a real good conversation with friends that are not in my wheel house on the subject of this covid debacle.  My dear Liberal friend in Florida who I conversed for hours on different subjects with opposing opinions has passed away and I miss him very much. We had many discussions on many subjects but always departed with a hug and a knowledge that just because we had different opinions, we could still be good friends respectful of each other’s position. 

My wife and I took a stand very early when the vaccines were first introduced to hold off having foreign stuff pumped into our bodies until more was known as to its content and why big pharma and our government refused to stand behind the serum with some guarantee we weren’t being poisoned. The longer we waited the more confident we were that we made the right decision. Almost all my friends and neighbors including our family have had the jab and so there are a lot of people with opposing views that could stimulate a good discussion. Not to be!

 I am not sure why, but any one that has had the jab refuses to discuss it further than, “I have had all my vaccinations and I am happy and I feel OK.”  They say they do not want to discuss it further as it would cause bad feelings. They stick with the story that they are following the science and insinuating that I am not. I have come to realize that there is no point trying to put forward an explanation for my position, their mind is closed. I get the feeling that vaxed people are frightened to death to hear an opposing view for fear that they have made a very stupid mistake and there is no way out. They would be right, they did for many reasons, not the least, coercion from authorities that should be trusted but have proven to be liars and control freaks.

My research is showing that the more Jabs we pump into our bodies the more harm we are doing to our immune system and our vital organs. Perhaps this will take time before a toll on our perfect body system is recognized but it is predicted by many scientists and medical people that there will be a large number of people that will have any number of problems going forward.  It is a shame that we can no longer have any confidence in our once heralded FDA-WHO-CDC- Federal and Provincial government health agencies and our media for accurate reporting and research. Peer revues were once totally respected for comprehensive and honest reports but all of these agencies have been infiltrated and plainly taken over by these monstrous companies they are reporting on. Better and more accurate research can be derived from Great Britain and Israel. Many times, the same study will show two opposite conclusions between the UK and Israel and the USA and Canadian reports. The FDA is having difficulty within its own ranks as two top executives have resigned because of the lies that have been perpetrated onto the public. The new CEO of the FDA, Peter Marks sounds like a total loser.  He admits getting his last booster that caused a traumatic experience, almost immediately he experienced severe Tinnitus, (ringing in his ears). It persisted for a number of days and was a horrifying experience.  However, not bad enough to cause him to announce later that, he will still take his booster shots every three months presumably well into the future. The most recent UK and Israeli studies have shown that the booster shots are of no use at all.  The loonies are running the mental hospitals and if it were not so serious, it would be hilarious.

 A recent interview with Professor Victor Davis Hanson, a renowned commentator, lecturer and teacher from California, said that the Democrats in the USA are Hard core radicals. I am afraid our present federal leaders are just about the same. Canada is a socialist country and must have new leadership if we are going to be of any use in world affairs.

Paul D. Scott

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