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Confusing Times   -   COVID19

 Fri. Mar.27th 2020.


This morning when I checked my emails, I was confronted by a number of comments and views from many sources professional and otherwise. After reading my local and national newspapers, I have to admit that my head is in a spin wondering just what is going on in this crazy world?  Bill Gates writes an inspiring letter of points he wants to convey about giving rather than receiving and how the world may be changing and how we should be aware. A scholarly friend sends me a list of reports from noted doctors and infectious disease experts from all over the globe, telling that we have been duped and this pandemic is just another of many to come and have come in the past and we should go about our regular business as we have done before. They were all in agreement that the old and the ill should take extra precautions.

 A convincing story with much to back up the theory that the Chinese government has caused this pandemic to weaken the rest of the world so they can strengthen their position in finance and industry.

And then, the ridiculous where we (Canada) is complaining rather bitterly that the USA are thinking of putting troops on their northern border to protect us from fleeing refugees that may be carrying the dreaded virus. Or, back in February any government would know that Canadians could be at risk,    

 Canada sends 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment to China and leaving our health care people in Canada scrambling. I was always told that a national government’s 1st.responsibility is to protect it’s citizens. We Canadians are sorely unprotected nationally with under funded and under equipped forces. We are restricted by our own government to protecting ourselves by strict gun laws, why a woman can’t legally protect herself by having pepper spray in her purse.  

Paul D. Scott.

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