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Sad News - Sun News gone


I know that I am a part of a small group of conservative thinking folks that watched religiously and enjoyed the Sun TV cable news.  More, I am sure would have joined me but for the political bios of the CRTC.  Liberals and socialists will be smiling and happy to know that another watch dog has been eliminated from biting at their heels. When the CBC and CTV applied for their TV licenses, a “must carry” clause was given which meant that all cable and licensed dish suppliers had to offer the channel in their packages. Sun was not able to secure this and viewers were left to pay extra, if you wanted an alternative opinion to much of the left leaning news coming from CBC and CTV.

It is the same with our friends from the south - Fox News, most watched in the US of all cable news networks. When will those of us in Canada who have an opposing view to much of the left wing nonsense, have a level playing field? Still more than half our country are basically conservative in our thinking but are being overwhelmed by these Progressives that control the media.

Paul D. Scott

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