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Miracles of Life


Our world has much to offer when we look around. There are miracles that we as humans take for granted.  The greatest of these is the gift of life. Not just our mortal lives but all the life that surrounds us. The plants and trees, the birds and wildlife that we live in concert with. How did these miracles all come together in such perfect harmony? Many in today’s world think that this all just evolved. Time can create some wonderful products that we value in our daily lives.  Products from the earth such as coal, oil, minerals, diamonds and so much more. However, all of these were created billions of years ago and morphed into what we have at our disposal today.  

Our waterways and oceans are a separate miracle that we have only just started to appreciate and explore. Little is known about the wonders that are waiting for us when we decide to let our curiosity get the better of us and explore the depths of our oceans, reports of new and strange life are washing on our seashores all the time.

 We have reports and pictures of strange flying objects entering the ocean waters at high speeds and some are suggesting that Aliens are based in underwater communities. Is this possible? Are there Aliens living amongst us or in the oceans? Do Aliens even exist? The answer to these questions is still to be revealed to us. However, I would say there are very compelling arguments for positive answers. I along with my wife and a friend, many years ago, personally experienced unexplained lights in the Caribbean sky at about 2:00 AM while on one of our 70-plus cruises. We were quite sober and enjoying the sea air when suddenly we were entertained for about 15 minutes with a show of lights that we could not believe or explain. Six brightly lit objects moved in straight lines quicker than our eyes could follow in many different directions as if they were practicing a routine and as quick as they appeared, they vanished. This in our eyes that night was a miracle.

I have learned that if our leaders were to say one thing, I would have to challenge them every time as they are like the left-wing Democrats in the USA. Whatever they say, reverse it and it will be more believable. Regarding Aliens, this past week so-called experts denied the sightings of unidentified objects in the sky as being Aliens. They have come up with more cock and bull crap to pacify their audience. That is my assurance that there is a possibility that there may be aliens amongst us and have been for thousands of years. We don’t know who or what they are but we do know that there is a higher intelligence lurking around in our atmosphere.  How can we believe anything now without proof positive? Lies have been told on almost every subject imaginable. Covid and its so-called cure, vaccines are a perfect example. Many of us are still in a mist and can’t believe the world has hoodwinked us with lies and false claims that in almost all cases have been exposed. Control, censorship, lies, and scare tactics are our daily diet. Climate change is the greatest hoax running rampant now that covid has run its race. Uneducated and misinformed leaders and the media for their own gratification, either money or power are putting a huge burden on the humanity both financially and mentally.

And still, miracles are happening around us. Spring is about to present itself once again and for me, that is a miracle in itself. The miracle is not that spring is coming but that I am still here to witness it. I have had many close calls when it comes to life-or-death occurrences.  The most recent was in the fall of 2018. I was diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to live. Missing a few vital parts of my anatomy and surviving a twelve-hour operation I am still on the green side.  That was a miracle to have survived the operation and another one to be still on my feet as shaky as I am while most of my friends have passed on. 

A sense of humour goes a long way in this foreboding world. I have been blessed with a wife that has been by my side for over 70 years. We have been married 66 years and we have shared a lot of grief and happy times together. Our lives have been full of life experiences most would only dream of.  Recently, Joan was discussing her upcoming surgery on her face, and in signing the papers the surgeon mentioned scarring. Joan said that she knew a bit about scarring as she has a total of 95 inches of scars on her body. The doctor fired right back and told her that in a few minutes, she would be able to make that figure higher by another inch or so.  Not funny, but humorous. I wrote a piece recently about scars and how they were a badge of passage representing hard times and there as a reminder that without them, life would probably have been much different and probably shorter

The most wonderful miracles of all time are in the story of Easter with the gift from God to all mankind, Jesus Christ.  His miracles are recorded all through the Bible in the New Testament. They start with the Virgin birth and continue throughout Christ’s short time on earth. Miracle after miracle is recorded over 33 years. Then to be hung on the Calvary cross to endure the worst death from pain and suffering man could experience.   The most wonderful miracle is the resurrection from death on the cross to live amongst us and then ascend into Heaven to prepare a place for all who believe in him.

 Matt.27/22 – John 3/13.


Paul D. Scott.              

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