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Vaccines or the Jab

October 3rd.2021

Unfortunately, the major population has been conned into thinking the vaccinations being administered to millions around the world are just that, Vaccines, but they technically are far from what the professional scientists and vaccinators and those who produce vaccines would consider true vaccines. My 60-year-old dictionary says this,--- “Vaccine,” any preparation of dead bacteria etc. introduced into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease. The catch word here is immunity.  If these doses were vaccines, they would cause the recipient to be immune and not be able to get or pass on the corona variants and this as we all know, it does not. These are not actual vaccines as they do not contain a virus but instead an experimental gene therapy.  Studies have shown that getting the jab only protects you from one variant and that you can still get the virus but the severity is lessoned. However, every time the virus changes even one cell, it can produce a new variant and the jab has to be adjusted, thus the need for a booster shot. Boosters are going to have to be every six months or so as new studies are showing that the present shots only last 4-6 months. Most all other vaccine shots last for a lifetime. And what about our own God designed immune system?  I have read and heard from many renowned scientists and specialists that our immune system is compromised every time another fake shot is received into the body. This naturally weakens the body as a whole to outside diseases not considered by the jabs, we are getting on a wholesale level.

The world of science and medicine are very worried about the long-term effect of this mechanically formulated injection that seems to be the only option to doing nothing. There are many other options as stated in my last posting called “Social control and World dominance” This has been pushed onto the market in record time and testing that would have taken up to ten years has been reduced to less than 12 months. No time in history has a vaccine been used during a pandemic. This is not recommended and is unprecedented. The muzzled experts are also concerned about what this injection is going to do in the long term. I am by no means an expert and am only passing on the experts’ comments and concerns as to what they predict down the road.  Much misreporting has been done over the past two years and numbers showing re-action and deaths from the jabs has been grossly underreported and understated. The biggest fear has been blood clots. Many deaths have been reported and many more are going to be reported, some say to unproportioned numbers. Experts are issuing DIRE warnings about the short- and long-term effects of Covid-19 injections, including, but not limited to death, blood clots, infertility, miscarriages, Bell’s Palsy, cancer, inflammatory conditions, autoimmune disease, early-onset dementia, convulsions, anaphylaxis, inflammation of the heart, and antibody dependent enhancement leading to death. Children from 12 – 17 are also at this same risk.

Dr. Bryan Bridle, a pro-vaccine associate professor on Viral Immunology at the U of Guelph continues with his warning about the drastic consequences when the the Spike protein gets into the blood stream. Spike protein is a pathogenic protein, it is a toxin and when it gets into the blood stream can do a lot of damage. This due to the fact that those who are vaccinated should NOT donate blood.  Those entering into a surgical proceeding where transfusions of blood are required should take extra precautions as to where the blood was harvested.

Dr. Peter McCullough, a highly cited doctor, came to the conclusion that the government was scrubbing unprecedented numbers of injection- related deaths. He went on to say that in the past when a new drug hit 50 deaths, it was pulled from the market.

This is very scary stuff that we should be aware of. The problem is that we are being lied to, every word from the press, social media, government leaders, Hollywood and everywhere you turn should be highly investigated.  We are getting false information. The Truth-Sayers are being censored and put in jail for speaking out. The New World Order is upon us and we are acting like sheep to the slaughter. Heads up folks.


Paul D. Scott

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