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Trust in Yourself


The title of my writing today was the final advise given by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in a recent interview with Steve Kirsch. This was advice given to him when he was a boy by his father who warned him to never take advice from people in high places especially politicians as they were probably liars. Who would know better than the brother of an American president. Mr. Kennedy also included that as well as trusting in yourself you should do your own research just to add credence to your decision. Early in 2021 when covid was waiting for a cure and we were told our only savior would be a vaccine. We were contacted by our government that being seniors we were entitled to this miracle cure first. A date was issued to us and instructions as to where we were to get the shot and the date we would be getting the follow up jab. I was happy to comply to the regiment prescribed until Joan my wife announced she was not going to have it. We had a few conversations and I decided to make further inquiries. Perhaps Joan was right. Many things did not add up and I being one that has always been suspicious of all governments, decided to take more of an interest as to what was to be inserted into my body. The deeper I dug, the more I doubted my decision to have the shot, and I had to agree with my wife.

Joan has the same unusual ability as her mother, they both have a sixth sense, they seem to know what is good and what is not so good. Joan does not have the physic abilities as her mom but I have learned over the years to listen and pay attention when she gets these feelings.

The first discrepancy to check into was the date for the second shot. My first shot was to be March 17th/21 with the follow up some time in July, 16 weeks beyond the prescribed date. The second shot was weeks beyond the prescribed 14 to 20 days prescribed by Pfizer on their web site. At the time everyone was confident in big pharma and anxious to follow the rules to get this plague behind us. Not so to-day, now that we have learned the truth about our governments and the pharmaceutical industry. They all have criminal records and many have paid enormous fines for their crimes. I also was very concerned that the so-called vaccine was experimental and as long as that was in effect, there would be no liability on the government or the manufacturer. The public were no different than lab rats, we were being used in a world-wide experiment and 90% of the public were OK with that, I was not!  I contacted my friend who I have known for over 25 years to inquire as to what his take was on the situation. His group of business and scientific experts were all in agreement that this injection could be very injurious to the human body and could have long lasting negative injuries to our immune system causing many diseases we have yet to experience.  The concerns were many, not the least that not enough time has been given for complete in-depth research. No vaccines have ever been put on the market in such a short time, the shortest was about 8 years. Long term effects were a great concern to these men.  Besides, Ivermectin was a sure fired remedy and very cheap, pennies a dose. The problem is, it has not been approved and has been taken off the market. WARNING signs were all over, why were we the only ones to see them? As time went on, our world gradually started to change. We were not included in many of our friend’s activities, we put this down to the covid restrictions but, this after two years does not seem to have changed. Friends and relatives have scorned us for our decisions and some friends of over 50 years have banned us from their circle. We are in our mid 80’s so our lives due to not being as active is bound to change. However, even as the world is starting to see what we saw over 20 months ago, many friends are not making any attempts to re-new our relationships.

As they say, old habits never die. I am following up on another subject, Autism in our generation of children from the 1970 going forward. I have been at the computer working on stories for my blog pertaining mostly to covid but also with my concerns on other world problems. One of these subjects is now on my screen every day and that is the effects the vaccine is having on children and allegedly causing Autism. In fact with more attention paid to the research on the covid jab, the scientists are finding that all vaccines seem to be responsible for many of our children’s allergies. It may be the mixture that carries the serum through the body. Too many chemicals such as aluminum and mercury. The increase in autism in the last 50 years in children is 1100%.  Children receiving their regular injections in the prescribed time of 3 months after birth have a 330% higher chance of autism than those kids getting the shot after 3 months. 1 in 34 kids’ w/ autism will be head banging, biting and have bowl problems.  1 child born to-day out of 34 will have some degree of autism. In my generation the # was 1 in 10,000.

If we are to survive in this world, I believe we will have to take more responsibility for our lives. We must be more suspect and aware of the evil around us and try to never just accept the will of man if it does not fit into your concept of good. We are all endowed with reason and the ability to know right from wrong. Do not be deceived.

 Matt.5:16    A spirit-controlled person does not need the Law to guide his life. Rather, the quality of life is such that other see Jesus in him. 

Col. 2/8          Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the traditions of men, according to the basic traditions of the world, and not according to Christ.

This world will endure and man along with it. It will change and no one likes change, especially me. No one knows the time of God’s son Jesus coming to the world to save the world.  We need to be ready for that time.  May God bless Canada and her leaders and all her people, Amen.  


Paul D. Scott









































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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