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Free Speech Denied

Jan 8th 2021

The news to-day is very sobering for anyone that treasures free speech in this country and especially in the USA. News this evening is that Twitter has suspended the President of the United States from using their service. This is a total blow to all people, (89) million that use this medium for the only opposition to the progressive left. I immediately thought that these people can go to the new alternative, Parler. Quickly, we were advised that Apple is going to sensor Parler and remove any connection to the public by their president on Social media. The media especially the social media needs to be broken up. They are stronger than the government and as bad as government, privately owned media multi billionaires are every bit as dangerous. 


Washington Riots

Jan 8th2021

If you only watch, read and listen to the media that is easily available to you, you will probably be a part of the majority in Canada that is not receiving the whole story. As hard as it is for me to not accept everything I hear and see as being truthfully given, I along with a relatively small part of our society have become very skeptical of all media and government authority. We as citizens of the world are being duped from all sides by a group of left-wing progressives bent on changing the world. This conspiracy is solely for control over our free society and is winning the war on the middle class of the western world. Christians, Jews and Muslims alike are under siege from the left that have only one agenda, world dominance and control over all that take a stand for free speech and the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights here in Canada. The totally fraudulent election that put Joe Biden in the presidency along with Kamila Harris as VP is the start of the break up of the USA and the way we have evolved over the past 200 years. When the highest courts in the USA refuse to listen to sworn testimony from hundreds of credible witnesses that the election was fixed, when in one case there were 200,000 more votes cast than there were registered voters and 95 %  of them were for Biden, doesn’t it make you feel something has gone wrong and should be investigated?  Hundreds of examples have been put forward to the powers that be and were turned down without even a look see. It turns my stomach when I listen to our local Canadian news CBC, CTV, Global and others piously stating that there was absolutely no fraud in the past US election. What would these news readers know? Investigative journalism is a thing of the past. The higher education of our young people to-day is headed up by left wing whackos. 

Yes, insurrection has been displayed in the Blue state cities where mayors advocate less law enforcement and condone the burning of their own cities.  Insurrection was displayed at the congress building in Washington yesterday. But it was Antifa backed by the Democrats with bad people planted to incite a riot. Trumpers were trying to stop the breaking in and the destruction. A few came prepared for destruction. Many witnessed this and their stories have been ignored by the media. Where were the police and the national guard on this very unusual day. Some have gone so far as to have witnessed the special police actually opened the doors and let the crowds into the building. All of these stories will be told over the next few weeks, will we get to hear them from our media, I fear we will hear what they want us to hear and nothing more. 

Just another of my rants and raves, but food for thought. 

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