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Totalitarian State? (Canada)

Oct 15th 2021

Too many in our country that think Churches being closed during this covid lockdown is not a big thing. It is, to many Christians!  This is unprecedented in Canada and for many that have either witnessed or heard of the atrocities against Christians in other countries, we can see that not being concerned, would be a mistake. The Bible tells us it is only a matter of time when Christians will be forced to go underground and be banned from practicing our beliefs in public.  Naturally we are going to resist that day. Public resistance has been slow coming as we are a law-abiding people and laws are the foundation of our society. Our naivety has been used against us and our clergy have been very slow in understanding that we must start to push back with the laws that have been put in place to protect us. This will not be easy as we have not experienced anything like this in our land, or what is coming.

I am very concerned that we have been living in a time of plenty and peace for too long. The last few generations know only good times and are not prepared for the evil that has manifested itself in the last few months. When have we seen a time when churches are burned to the ground and the media have all but ignored the story?  If these were Muslim places of worship, our media would be all over it. They would also be crying out from the roof-tops if it was a Mullah and not a Christian pastor wrestled to the ground by three or four bully police officers for speaking the word of God, handcuffed and jailed with charges of disturbing the peace or some other trumped-up charges and then being fined in excess of $40,000.00, the press would never let the story rest. We have to get serious about our freedoms. This is what is going on in British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and many other provinces as we speak.

When we look south we see a country racked with too many problems and no one at the helm that can possibly save that land of  the Brave and the Free.

Artur Pawiowski came to Canada from Poland, a communist country hoping for a better life for his family and took up the Lord’s work in Calgary.  If anyone were able to read the signs of tyranny, he would be the guy.  They are calling him a street preacher; he does have a building and a congregation but his ministry to the neighborhood needy for food and shelter is not supported by the city for some reason. His Sunday services have been raided by the local police and he has rebuffed them for breaking the law for trying to disturb a church service. He does not believe masking works and he has not followed the distancing laws either. These mandates were put in place with no scientific base to support them. There has not been one case of covid19 in his congregation to warrant arrest and fines.  Judge Adam Germain, “a failed Liberal candidate has come down with a sentence clearly on the verge of lunacy, if a jail sentence was given, I am sure the judge would have difficulty justifying it so he has given Artur an 18 month probation with conditions that as the good preacher says is the same as a jail term. His ministry is set out by a government document that must be read and is intended to incriminate the man every time he speaks in public. Artur was charged under the Rooke order. This law seems to have been written to justify a need to control the population in Alberta as it was written in May 2021. This law gives the authorities power to break up and arrest any congregation of 2 or more as an illegal mob. This is more prominently acted out in the United States.  We here will follow like sheep whatever happens south of our border.

Trudeau may think that allying our country with China will save us but just the opposite is going to play out. Unfortunately, Christians in the 1990’s were numbered in the 70% area and in just a few years now in 2021 Christians are now below 49% in Canada.  Are we starting to panic just a bit? NO!  Even your neighbour who seems to be kindly and Christian like, is not!   Christian morals are still somewhat intact but the faith has dissipated. On Sunday morning when I was a boy the churches were full and most of our neighbours were sitting in their church of choice, now, hardly anyone leaves for church in my up-scale community of over 500 families. 

My brother died last week which was a shock to me as he was never sick a day in his life and he lived with very few hardships or concerns. Was he a Christian? My terrible dilemma is, I do not know.  What does that tell me about myself and my commitment to my Savior? When I try to spread the word of God and his love for us, I am told to never send any more of my words about my beliefs. Even when they are expressing love and friendship, what am I doing wrong?  The End-Times are closing in on us. People who I love and cherish as friends need to be aware that they need God and his son Jesus in their lives.

God wants us to be warriors for him and to stand up to totalitarian state rules that in many ways are against our laws written in the name of our God, by God fearing men and women from our past.  It is time to stand up and be counted.

Paul D. Scott

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