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ELUCIDATION  ( to make clear – explain)  Yes, I am asking why our country, Canada, is not amongst the over 100 countries around the world that are demanding China explain it’s total disregard for the world’s population. Why would a civilised group of political leaders allow the world be open to a virus that could alienate a whole generation of seniors? Yes, that is precisely what the Chinese government did in December 2019. Wuhan was closed to the rest of China but not to the outside world. For a week after the discovery of this new virus China was not admitting to anything untoward. Records were destroyed and some scientists were found missing along with records of their experiments. Blame was finally admitted that the virus originated at a wet market some four miles from the most secured testing of Bats laboratory in China. This was obviously a lie to take the heat off the laboratory. It was later found that Bats were not sold at this wet market but that Bats are through DNA the source of the virus, leading back to the lab. All of this is documented information and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that China has lied and deceived the world to its own ends. Canada does not have a leader that could remotely be described as close to a genius which is evident when he is repeatably asked about his plans for coming out on the other side of this horribly debilitating Pandemic. He refuses and obviously has laid down restrictions to his cabinet that even the word China or Wuhan, should not be mentioned while the Pandemic subject is discussed.  Politics still obviously trumps the welfare of the people of Canada. Our military’s national security warned our federal government about this virus and that we should start to prepare for a very different Pandemic. They were virtually ignored for weeks, even to allowing 16 tonnes of much needed medical supplies given to China only to have to beg for them to be sold back to us.

China is still holding two of our citizens in their jails with no legitimate charges made. They have lied and jeopardised many millions of lives around the world while protecting their own. Their stock market went up a bit while the rest of the world finance took a tumble that will take years to recover if it ever will.

The United States Models were to see as many as two million deaths.  It’s not over yet but 38,000 deaths to this date is a horrible loss, but not 2 million. Trump reacted when the rest of the world thought his actions were far too radical. Only one death was recorded in the U.S. at that time. He has been proven right but is still the target of hate by those who for many reasons dislike him and want to see him fail, even if it is disrupting the country’s well being.  I would like to hear some positive words from our federal leaders. A general plan and not denial of the obvious. It is time for the Prime Minister to step forward and make some decisions even if they are not always what we want to hear. We need to get our country back to work before it is too late. Elections are to choose leaders. It is time to stand up and lead.     

 Paul D. Scott


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