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Excerpt from Book

.........We always knew, at least after one season as Inn keepers that we had a number of non paying guests. We never noticed anything outrageous about the old house the first few months. It was bright and cheery when the sun shone and except for the creaking and groaning of an 1888 forty room mansion, we had many old houses before this old girl, it seemed quite peaceful. However, we were soon to find out that all was not as serene as we had thought.

It was our guests that filed through the halls and rooms and especially the third floor that alerted us to the treasure we were housing. Many guests entering the room that housed a very large cistern were completely overwhelmed by sadness and couldn’t linger. They would start to weep and cry. Others would feel as if they were being pulled into the floor.  Some would just have a feeling of sadness and still others would approach me wondering if I was aware that a little old lady with very white hair was sitting quietly knitting or crocheting in the St. Margaret room. It didn’t take long for us to determine that this spirit was Nelly. She was very well known to the locals and any one that had anything to do with this great old house.

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