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Coming to Pass


For over 70 years I have heard the stories handed down by scholars and devout Christians, that some time in the near future our life as we know it will change dramatically.  For those who cherish life as it was with strict morals and a belief in God, we would be put down and a new society would emerge with all new rules. Families will be torn apart, closest friends and relatives will take on a whole new and different demeanor towards the old ways in favour of  what is known as the Progressive Age. The politically correct left leaning will emerge with a strong will to put down our age old and trusted beliefs in God and Country.  They will ridicule Christians and Jews alike for their beliefs.

Where once our society had strong moral and religious beliefs, they will be replaced by a whole new set of rules. As has been the case over the centuries, the Jewish nation has been persecuted, now Christians will be included.  Our governments are falling instep by doing many things that a few short years ago would have been unheard of.

We in Canada have a new Prime Minister that was elected on the platform of change. Sound familiar? My memory takes me back to almost 8 years ago when the cry for change was the election platform of another political leader, the worst president ever of the United States, Baroc Husain Obama. Our morals in Canada have dropped to the point where our God must feel we are lost in a myrrh of putrid slime, we have no respect for the dignity of man, our laws protect those who perform Abortions, Feticide and Euthanasia. Our politicians wear proudly the badge of fornication and deceit, Christians and Jews are ignored in favour of Muslims in particular. In Canada our armed forces are being moved from their barracks to hotel rooms so that Muslims, by the thousands can be housed and fed and treated better than our poor and homeless citizens. Imagine, the very people we depend on for protection and to maintain the peace are made homeless so that those very people that have vowed to destroy us can be housed with all the food and medical help that we the people of Canada are paying for and all too often never receive. This brainless plan is estimated to cost us about $200 million plus another $200 million for the Masks and religious paraphernalia we are promising to supply.

Am I too politically incorrect to ask, Where is the press and why are we not hearing a thing about these matters? Perhaps the answer lies in Alberta where the newly elected Premier Ms. Notley (NDP) and a new friend of Justin T., has eliminated from any further press conferences and banned interviews, the Right wing reporters from the “Blaze.” (formerly The Sun Media folks. This is a great example of free speech and the right for the people of Canada to know what our politicians are up to.  


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