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It’s getting to be the norm when you mention God as an example in conversation, you could be severely shunned by your friends and peers. Jesus Christ, the son of God is often heard in general conversation but it is accepted, as it is usually used as profanity. Does abortion, gambling, legalised drugs and same sex marriage agree with God’s laws? The answer is a definite NO. You don’t have to be a scholar of the Christian Bible or even the Muslim Koran to know that God has set down laws for his people. When our country’s leaders fly in the face of our maker’s laws, we as a people are open to God’s judgment. North America was colonised by mostly Christians who set down laws based on the Christian morals and God’s laws. We as a country have prospered and have until recently, been respecting our laws which have been our guide for centuries.

If you do not believe in a God then where do we go for our moral guide for forming laws of the land. The Bible teaches that Jesus will return to earth for his second coming. He will judge all people and all countries. Those that have come short of God’s laws will be judged.  

Paul D. Scott

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