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Big Money-Extreme Power-Obama!


I subscribe to many newsletters and find them to be informative and mostly true. The president of the USA is reported on in almost every issue and rightly so as he has his nose in everything except where it should be and that would be the protection of the American people. This protection is a double duty for he should be protecting homeland shores as well as citizens across the world. When he took on the highest power on earth given to man, his responsibility was not just to Americans but to citizens of the world that have been abandoned by the USA. This fake leader that prides himself as being the spokesman for the American people has relinquished the position of being the world policeman. This of course has caused literally millions to be slaughtered in the name of Allah, many thousands of Christians and even more of his own, Muslims. Announcing to the so called enemy your intentions of leaving a potential or a real war zone, you are giving that adversary all your cards.  He just has to wait you out. That is what is happening time and time again.

 Americans, wake up!

You no longer have a leader, you have a dictator. So many of my American friends are at their wits end. They have been so proud of their country and rightly so. The accomplishments of this great people have been impossible to totally document. However, over the short period of seven years, this country has become the total opposite of what it has stood for since its inception. How could one man {Barrack Husain Obama} accomplish this?  US citizens, being the proud people, they are, are reluctant to see flaws in their constitution.  How else can you account for not being able to oust this evil man from the people’s Whitehouse?

Extreme wealth in the hands of some that will compromise all integrity for more wealth is another reason.  Many fall into this category. I will only mention two.

 The first that comes to mind is former Vice president Al Gore. When leaving office he was just a mere millionaire worth about two and a half million dollars. Al Gore and his cronies have since created the world’s biggest scam {man made global warming}. He is now worth about one hundred million. The USA spends about 1.5 Trillion dollars per year spinning this lie. Al has been at the trough feasting on some of these crumbs from that bottomless money pit. Global warming caused by man has been sold to the world leaders and media and will be exposed soon enough. Notice, the media and leaders in America have started talking “Climate change” rather than” Global warming.”  However, they still blame man for this. If they called it what it is, “cyclical changes” perhaps by the sun cooling with numerous sun spots which has happened for the past few hundred years, every 206 years to be exact, then the world could start to get on with the problem of extreme cold weather. Look out for the scam artists again. More and higher taxes come to mind.

 My second bad guy is that down home multi billionaire Warren Buffet, about number three on the top richest in the world. But that is never enough for these money hungry wretches. More is never enough, so he has compromised all he once stood for, {many years ago perhaps} and backed the lefty of all lefty’s, a man that least resembles any of Buffet’s core values by supporting Obama’s campaign for election to be first in line for the goodies promised.

In 2010 he “Warren Buffet” positioned himself with 100% stake in the old BNI now the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad.  This is the second largest RR in North America with annual revenues of $14 billion. Number one being Union Pacific at $14.1 billion. BNSF hold the contracts for oil delivery from Canada’s oil sands to the refineries in the south. Buffet would stand to lose about $5 billion a year in revenues, if the Northern Pipeline was approved. We know that there are numerous others that are benefitting from Obama’s decision to not build the pipeline.

The Canadians are subsidizing the US refineries to the tune of between C$20.00 to C$25.00 per barrel and even more, based on the world market price called Brent. The Americans pay West Texas Intermediate prices to Canada which is far lower than world prices.  That should be adjusted as Canada is losing over 20 billion dollars per year. Exports are 2.4 million barrels per day. Canada would seem to be a more desirable supplier as we have in the past been good neighbours and would be far more reliable than Mr. Obama’s friends in Venezuela and the Middle East. How long must we wait for the USA to get their act together? A short pipeline to the west coast would seem to be a no brainer for Canada, higher prices received and a ready market in China where we could balance our trade deficit seems like a plan. But woe is me, many native communities and irrational “Tree Huggers” are standing in the way of that.

Let’s build our own refinery you say, and make 5 times more for our resources. This would help take us from being just haulers of water, wood cutters and miners to an international industrial power. It takes years to build a modern refinery and billions of dollars. Perhaps some of the wasted billions we funnel to our native people could be used giving them jobs and building a strong economy and country for our future decadence. And maybe, just maybe, you and I, the ordinary folk could benefit by being able to enjoy lower fuel prices.


Paul D. Scott.

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