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Mass Formation



When I was a boy, I saw a Hypnotist show at the old Roxy theater in my hometown of Brampton. I was blown away as many of the audience were put to sleep and were directed to do the most un-natural and ridiculous antics on the stage. The audience was captive to the event and quite cruel to their friends after the show and after the participants were released from the hypnotist’s spell. How could they be so unnatural and be so under the control of a complete stranger?  Many years later we are finding out in real life just how powerful the forces are in this world when the wrong people gain the knowledge of mind control over a large percentage of the population of the world.

What this writing is about is a theory that has been presented by some of the brightest minds of today and must be considered at least until a better answer has been put forward. The question is, how did the covid epidemic spread so fast with the population of every country it engulfed? How could a population fall into lock-step to a flawed narrative even to go against man and God made laws that has taken the world into a tail spin?

Almost 90% of the population have to some degree compromised all their senses and given in to the Hypnotist. Doctors have set aside their Hypocritic oath for a flawed narrative that makes no sense. Medicines and procedures that have been proven over many years were banned in many countries for an untested and unknown so-called vaccine that has been proven to be inferior and does not work as any vaccine in the past and is now more harmful than Covid. Doctors are still prescribing it even as it has killed hundreds of thousands and will soon be proven to be worse than the disease. Those who have allowed themselves to be put under this spell are so out of it that even when those around us that are vaccinated three times and are getting the virus again and again, we hear them say, but how much worse would it be without the vaccine. It is obvious they are under a demonic spell. No rational reasoning argument is going to change their attitude. Nazi Germany in the 30’s and Stalin’s Soviet Union in the 20’s went through a similar phenomenon.  This mass hypnosis is intended to lead to a totalitarian state. Klaus Schwab and his WEF, World Economic Federation has this very plan in their cross-hairs for the world and when over 1000 inquiries landed on the desk of the Federal Ethics committee in Ottawa a few days ago, enquiring about Chrystina Freeland and her close association with Schwab, their concerns were turned away as being of no concern to our government. Not surprising as Justin Trudeau (Castro) is Schwab’s star student. WEF is and has admitted to the very future we are facing if we as a knowledgeable society do not re-act and defeat this scenario.

Mattias Desmet, is a professor at Ghent University in Belgium and has written a book called “The Psychology of Totalitarianism”

He writes, 

"In the end, the ultimate is not so much to show people that the coronavirus was not as dangerous as we expected, or that the COVID narrative is wrong, but rather that this ideology is problematic --- this transhumanist and this technocratic ideology is a disaster for humanity…To show people that in the end, a transhumanist view on man and the world will entail dehumanization of our society."


In the future, digital identity still looms large, with that comes an unfathomable powerful control grid capable of breaking almost everyone. The WEF wants just that, it wants our ability to make choices and to be in control of our future to be eliminated. You will own nothing and you will want for nothing, it will all be provided for by the state. This sounds impossible but we are forgetting the power of hypnosis.

The only pushback we have is to individually speak up against this onslaught against humanity. Each individual opposing it will slowly break down their hypnotic strength.  Desmet warns against forming groups to fight this impending force. In time, individual pushback will bring down totalitarianism, groups however, will be annihilated by the greater force. It is obvious that our government has no stomach for this fight. The key will be to survive it all and to minimize the carnage. Desmet refers to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s book, “The Gulag Archipelago” which highlights the importance of holding on to your humanity in the midst of an inhumane situation.  A re-newel of faith in a supreme being at this time will perhaps be our only strength. For those who are of the Christian faith, we hopefully will be unaware of this going on in our beloved world. I make this statement not knowing the true sequence of events for the “End Times” but with the hope that all who believe in the death on the cross of Jesus Christ for our sins, and his resurrection will by this time be taken from earth in the “Rapture”

The glimmer of hope is for those who have studied mass formation and totalitarianism has concluded that both are intrinsically self- destructive.

My glimmer of hope is in my God and my Christian faith. 


Paul D. Scott   

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