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Covid & Cancer



The two big C’s coupled together seem to be coming into prominence whether we like it or not. Most reading this will find some of the details to be upsetting but many have been predicting this growing scenario for a few months now. The majority of Canada’s population have been jabbed at least twice and many of them have had at least one booster shot so I am not going to be very popular with my story. However, as stated in my latest book “Time Will Tell”, we will see if this materializes or not. At first, denial will be forthcoming from all the authorities but as the truth will finally find its way out, perhaps it will be as the sceptics of covid have been proven wrong before, so they will be again.

My wife and I have both had to face the grim words from our doctors, “you have cancer” A sinking feeling envelopes you and the rest of the conversation is unimportant and unintelligible. But thanks to many good doctors and our faith, we have proved that cancer can be beaten.

The Spike protein that was developed in a lab is foreign to the human body and is in the covid jabs. It has now been proven contrary to what we have been indoctrinated to believe, it does leave the injection point and it does build up in the lymph nodes and major organs of the body, causing myocarditis in the heart, blood clots in the brain and all through the body as well as kidney and liver damage. Our immune system is compromised and because the spike protein has no way to exit the body, the more jabs we get the worse our body becomes at doing its job of fighting off foreign invaders.  In comes the cancer just waiting for an opportunity to take over. This may seem like a very juvenile explanation but I am not a trained scientist or physician so I say it in terms I understand.

With a heavy and sober heart, I have many dear friends and acquaintances, I count over 10 to this date that have or are waiting for further tests for cancer.  Some are predicting a cancer epidemic like we have never experienced before. I truly hope this is not to be the case.

Many countries are reporting higher numbers of new cancer patients. France reported a 20% increase in 2022 over 2021. This while Canada is reporting lower death rates from 2019 attributed to the reduction in North America of cigarette smoking. However, the figures of new cancers in 2022 are not available. It will be interesting to see how we are doing and if these reports will be made public. Lack of trust in our officials is offensive but to be understood due to past performances and lies we have been told on this covid debacle. It would seem that Canadians are finally waking up to the fact that the jab and its useless boosters are not working except to cause pain and suffering to many. Covid has been a diabolical blessing in some ways as it has made the world aware that we are being invaded by a new and devilish enemy that is intent on making mankind into Transhuman subjects to the WEF agenda.

The Children’s Health Defense, now headed up by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has done great work in getting the truth on covid and the so-called vaccine into public awareness through sponsoring his book revealing the corrupt Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. The CHDtv podcast has been an invaluable tool for anyone interested in understanding the true facts on covid and especially for those who have a story to tell that might go against the present narrative. One such doctor is Dr. Russell L. Blaylock MD. He has a story to tell and is frustrated that he is censored at every turn. Blaylock’s knowledge of Spike protein and its effect on our internal organs especially the brain and the heart are not being explained to the public. We should be aware as to what we are allowing to be injected into our body just because some dopy politician tells us to.

 Dr. Brian Hoffer was the host. A few points were of great interest to me.   -   Our immune system is a complex and extremely efficient tool for keeping us healthy. For those of you reading this or watching the interview, “which I would encourage” The first jab is sort of a free card, your immune system will react and, in most cases, you will have no knowledge as to what your body is doing. The second jab will cause your immune system to attack the damaged tissue, not the spike protein. In many cases the cancer cells lurking in your body will get started. The cancer will move with unusual speed in getting established and if you have been fighting cancer, it will replicate itself much faster.

Dr. Blaylock concentrated on the Brain and the heart but wanted his audience to know that the body was open season for the spike protein and it is a negative situation for all organs.  The brain is the greatest wonder on earth, he explained, and it too can be invaded by spike protein and cause more extensive and longer periods of seizures as being of particular interest to me as my wife has had seizures and while on medication it has been in a dormant stage. Why would any reasonable person want to take the chance of disturbing it.

We refused getting the jab on the advice two years ago that it could re-ignite a fire in Joan’s head. My reason to delay having the so-called vaccine was a slower process as I needed proof. It was not long coming and with my health condition at the time, I opted to wait for results and determine if this was a legitimate pandemic or a ruse to scare the public into a political scam.

This Jab is leading the world into unchartered waters and as a sailor, I know that our journey either by land or sea requires us to have good intel prior to venturing out. Covid intel has been wrong or non-existent to this point.  Dr. Blaylock is warning of increased deaths and lower birth rates. Autism and Aneurisms as well as cancers and blood clotting, lung disease and Myocarditis will be much higher. If you are concerned for yourself or a family member that you are experiencing any of these problems, consult your doctor and look into {NANO CURCUMIN} as a helpful remedy if taken early.

Paul D. Scott







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