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Who’s in Charge?

April 1st2023


In the past few years, we have had this question asked time and time again, just who is in charge?  So many stupid decisions are being made and none seem to benefit the human race. We have been brought to the brink of a nuclear war that we most certainly cannot win. Our society has been pummeled with decisions that have all but wiped out the middle class. Small business taking the brunt of the first round but certainly not the last bomb to be dropped. Our rights have been threatened, free speech, the right to assemble, the right to a fair trial, censorship and never knowing who or what to believe as we are daily being lied to from all sides of our government and leadership.  So, the question remains, “who is in charge?”  In the past we as a society would look to our faith in God and our laws to give us reason to be confident that we were being well served. Our selection of leaders and our clergy were once outstanding pillars of our communities and were for the most part in positions of power to serve the public well. Not so today. The clergy seldom step outside of their safe zone, the church, to reveal the corruption around us.  When good men and women take a stand in politics, they are soon corrupted and bought off. Money and the love of it are corrupting the world, and so we must look at who has the money and where is it coming from. The obvious is not hard to find. We can start with the USA and that multi-billionaire George Soros who has gathered hundreds of prosecutors mostly in blue liberal states to do his will by bringing down the American legal establishment. Corrupt governments such as the Ukraine, China and Russia and others that have paid off many such as the Biden family to gain strength and position in other governments. Governments and individual millionaires and billionaires that donate millions to checking accounts called “Trust Funds” of other wealthy people and families, to gain influence for their future wealth enhancement. The Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Trudeau trust funds immediately come to mind. The Rockefeller foundation and others are also a large part of those in our scenario. However, these are bit players in the big picture. Where is the big money and with it the power and the corruption?  Most of the public know nothing of the names I am about to reveal. We have heard of  Pepsico and CocaCola and Pfizer and the huge banks, and industrial companies such as GM, Ford, Tesla and Toyota, all the Tec companies and Silicon Valley. But who controls these companies and hundreds more? One man stands out.  It is this man’s boss. Brian Deese was just appointed by sleepy Joe Biden, head of the U.S. National Economic Council. Deese also holds a  high-ranking executive position of one the largest investment companies in the world, BlackRock.  A great position to have if you want to be able to manipulate the money markets.  Now BlackRock oversees BlackRock. Sleepy Joe has also appointed Adewal Adeyemo, BlackRock chief of staff to be assistant secretary of the treasury. Now BlackRock is the Treasury and the Treasury advisor. Biden has really screwed his country and the world.

Laurence {Larry} FINK, started BlackRock in 1988 the same year George W. Bush took office as President of the USA. Fink is on the board along with [Canada’s Chrystia Freeland] of the WEF- World Economic Forum and the council of foreign relations. He is CEO of the multinational investment co. BlackRock. Larry was named “one of the “world’s greatest leaders” by Fortune, and one of the world’s best CEOs’’ for 12 consecutive years by Barron’s. He went on to create Aladdin and between these two companies they control assets of over 30 trillion US dollars. The portfolio is growing at a rate of one trillion dollars per year. Their assets are listed but two other companies that are not publicizing their assets are Vanguard and State Street Corporation. Between these three assets holding companies, the world is controlled. The WEF and Klaus Schwab are the mouth piece of BlackRock and Reset} from the WEF, it is a message from the entity that would have you as a human being, enslaved or eniolated.  A partnership between the WEF and the Rockefeller Foundation intends to control the masses using health data that will give access to work, education and employment of all who have taken the vaccines. Digital vaccination records will, in effect, become slave passes.

Read in your Bible - Revelation 13 / 11 -18   This is what Klaus Schwab is talking about when he says “You will own nothing, everything you desire will be provided to you and you will be happy” The mark of the Devil 666 could be the chip to be imbedded in all citizens.      Quote,     The chip that functions abnormally will be desoldered, as they say.  Charles Stross

This takes me back a few years following the Berlin wall take down when a guest from the Communist east side stated she preferred being looked after by the state as she was not ready for all the responsibilities of the free world and Capitalism. I fear that we have far too many young people that have not been exposed to our rich and interesting history and have no idea what the Bible teaches, these people will be the ones that will take civilization into a very dark place.   Read - Mathew 5/44  on LOVE


“Humanity is on the verge of digital slavery at the hands of A1 and biometric technologies. One way to prevent that is to develop inbuilt modules of deep feelings of LOVE and compassion in the learning algorithms”.            Amit Ray

” Automation vs. human labour is a false dichotomy” 

                          Siddharth Suri

Paul D Scott -

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