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Overflowing ERs a Crisis

Your Opinion comments of Jan.24th. are appreciated and while you try in words to describe the horrible state of our health care in Canada, no descriptive language is graphic enough. It is becoming more apparent to all ages in our society as more young people are being exposed to the underbelly of this festering government disaster. Covid19 and its mishandling has given all Canadians a taste of how badly reform is needed. However, this problem is not new but it is getting worse. Over five years ago, I wrote at length of my experience in our beautiful new Hospital in St. Catherines. After being told I had 6 months to live with untreatable cancer, I was left in the most disgusting surroundings on a gurney in a corner of the emergency ward with no facilities except dirty public toilets.  I was there for over 5 days. Almost every procedure leading up to this point was a waiting game.

We are presently waiting for a potential life threating health problem for my wife, the wait time - over 9 months.  There is a cure for every problem. My writing this today is proof of that. The government should be hiring back all healthcare workers they fired for not being vaccinated.  Immigrants here and those waiting with a healthcare background should be fast-tracked into our system. When new hospitals are built, the old ones are demolished. That is tragic. We need more hospitals and staff to fill them. The new Niagara hospital will be over-run and too small before it is opened, as was the new hospital in St. Catherines. Action must be taken by our governments NOW. 


Paul D. Scott -


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