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Since Covid – What Next?



TO-DAY IS MY BIRTHDAY, I will be entering into my 87th year with a good deal more knowledge than I have ever experienced in my last 86 years. I was barely getting my life back to some semblance of order following a few months of trauma dealing with eminent death and then surgery that was explained as the most gruesome and challenging as a heart transplant with a 20% survival rate that was later upgraded to 50/50 chance of survival if everything went well and as planned, it did and here I am still complaining but about far more important problems. The world has been turned upside-down with the advent of a Sars virus called Covid19 and now Omicron and Monkey pox.  Are all these coming at the the people of this world from the same source? For many reading this piece, this next statement will probably be the last thing I write that we will agree on, “The world has changed and for most of us, not for the better”

Pressures have been put on so many of us that we will never forget these alone with the family not knowing their fate and their loneliness. Illness that was avoidable, lost wages and businesses put into bankruptcy, lost education and social distancing, masks that have proven to be useless and, in many cases, harmful, children’s lives impacted, miscarriages and unexplained sudden death in young people, unusual restrictions on many that refused the injection of an untested substance. Careers and employment were taken away from thousands who rejected the unusual edicts (not Laws), Censorship ran rampant and Doctors and nurses were subject to losing their licenses for not obeying the new rules. The Hippocratic Oath was to be ignored if you wanted to continue your medical practice.  Were these normal times?  So many of my acquaintances were not phased at all by all this unusual activity. I was! Those of us that have been following these events more closely are becoming exhausted with the steady unsubstantiated claims coming from every direction.  Still, idiots like our politicians that know nothing about medicine listen to other same thinking nuts that spew nonsense out through a sympathetic media and none of it makes any sense to our legitimate scientists and doctors, many of whom are dependent on big Pharma for their livelihood. When research and testing and time-honored science is disregarded to forward an agenda that benefits a small segment of the medical field to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, inexpensive proven drugs such as Ivermectin used over 4 billion times with no adverse effects and great benefit to so many, is cancelled and taken off the shelves of all drug stores and banned from being prescribed and banned from even being brought into this country with no explanation, something with our country is very wrong. The vaccine injuries are growing daily and the numbers are being frantically hidden.

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work very hard to remain stupid.    Benjamin Franklin   1706 – 1790”.

Many fine teachers that have taken issue with their overlords, many with years of tenure are being fired for teaching their students to think for themselves. La Valle University is one example. This professor quoted actual US government stats and was fired. They were as follows.

United States military statistics of all those injected with the Therapy.

Many experts call this Therapy as it does not have the vaccine requirements.

Myocarditis                                       up           2800%                                           

 Cancer                                               up           300-900%

Infertility                                           up           500%

Miscarriages                                      up          300%

Neurological                                      up          1000%

Suicides                                               up          200%  

Pretty sobering numbers that cause many to ask the question, how does this affect our ability to defend ourselves in times of a possible hostile invasion on our shores?

Many questions have come to light regarding these strange times. So many of our leaders are saying how lucky they are that they got all their shots and boosters or how much worse they would be otherwise, when they have to admit they caught the virus after a few weeks ago they were saying, take the needle and you will not get the virus. Hey Bozos, you can’t have it both ways and make any sense.

 News you won’t find on CBC or Global or CTV. Or the Toronto (red) star.

 Three doctors died in Toronto following their third Jabs.

Washington DC - children over 12 must wear masks before being allowed to return to school. California also mandating masks for children.

Tony Fauci (mass murderer) to retire in 2025. He will retire with a pension of $414,000.00 per year. His 2025 salary will be $529,921.00 in 2025.

Christine Grady Ph.D. wife of Tony Fauci has been named chief of the NIH National Institute of health, Dept. of Biotech’s. is investigating.  Look out world, double trouble.

 We must be a light in this dark world and expose these people for who they are, evil doing the work of the devil to bring humanity under a one world socialist society. This is ultimately God’s plan. He has given the power to Satan for a short time and is testing his followers. Are we up to the task of fighting these powers and being warriors for the ultimate good against evil?


Quote     "It is far easier to fool someone than to convince

              them they have been fooled."    Mark Twain


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