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Lockdowns don’t work



Back to being a rebel and giving my view for whatever it is worth. It should be worth something as I have been following a different group of scientists that have been put aside by our leaders in favour of the science the corrupt media has prescribed for us. If only we would refer to the past and follow solid statistics, we would not have bankrupted our world in lockdowns and the wearing of masks. The Chinese have defeated the western world without even a whimper or a shot fired. The sad part is that we haven’t come to realize it yet. 

The Chinese gave the world covid 19 and then forced the WHO to follow their primitive example of mask wearing and lockdowns. The so-called media without many real reporters and diggers fell in lock step with WHO because the chairman, not even a medical doctor but was hand picked by the Chinese to do their bidding. We have been hoodwinked and still follow unsupported science and ruined many millions of lives.  What folly, and we still want to cozy up to this country because a few bucks may be lost if we isolate them from the rest of the world.

Almost every virus over the past two centuries have come out of China, they are the world leader in air pollution, their government is now being accused of genocide, they spy on all the world with the intent to defeat us and we still garner their friendship. They have eaten our lunch and our dinner and breakfast. We are now left with the crumbs from the world table.

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