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F&G for Control - continued from Oct 2nd.

October 12th. 2023


All we as players on this planet must be wary as we enter a new world of Fear and Guilt that our want-a-be controllers are poised for another assault on all of us but especially the middle class of the world.

Following, is a partial list of groups, corporations, associations, governments and individuals either knowingly or not, that will be acting out a new assault backed again by Bill Gates and his group of thugs. We should respect our laws but resist their (want-a-be controllers) rules and mandates. The remaining poor will have little fear as they will be clothed, fed and cared for and more than likely turned into human robots to serve the rich that will become even richer and more powerful. The middle class again are to be targeted for the on slot of another pandemic that some say will be far worse than we have witnessed in the past. The remaining middle class will relinquish their belongings including their homes and we will enter into what the Bible predicts as the 42 months of Tribulation. This is the time when, to do any business or buying and selling, you must accept the sign of the Devil “666”. Even Christians will have to accept this sign or perish from starvation. World events developing in the middle east with Israel being attacked could be the beginnings of the Time of Tribulation.

It is difficult to have to admit that our world has changed and that we must as a society be skeptical and suspicious of all authority.

It starts with all government agencies. While government is not always the originator of our problems, I fear it does not have the moral resolve to object and take a stand against evil that would try to control everything in this world, especially elected government officials. The non-elected are to be feared.

We will start with all the very wealthy of this world and the first that comes to mind would be the 4th richest multi billionaire, Bill Gates. George Soros would have to be up there and most of our big tech. CEOs are of course suspect but some are more obvious than others.  Money makes the world go round so we would be remis not to have the two largest and richest corporations in the world, Vanguard and BlackRock at the top of our list. They own or control almost everything worth talking about. Power and control must not be given to the UN- United Nations, WEF- World Economic Forum- Klaus Schwab, “the great reset”, the WHO - World Health Organization. We have seen how some institutions in the USA, the CIA and the FBI have through non-elected officials at the top made a mockery of the government and the country.

Many Canadians are fooling themselves when they think we are in better shape than most of our neighbours. We are not! Our debt is higher per capita than the USA.  Our health care is in terrible shape, we are verging on being a 3rd. world country with childish leadership and socialist leanings, we are being lied to and censored from free speech. We are not adequately defended with a military and we individually are not able to legally defend ourselves or our property.  We have a huge abundant wealth of natural resources that are not able to get to a needy world, held back by leadership that has no idea what the word leadership means. This gives Canadians the unenviable position of being the highest taxed in the free world. If our government federally is not replaced soon, Canadians will surely be out in the cold, summer and winter, and it will have nothing to do with (climate change).

This child of the 1930’s finds it hard to cope with the world of to-day.  My vocabulary has increased to include- chem-trails -cell phones- wifi-text messaging -same-sex marriage- cableTV - climate-change -electric-cars -nuclearwarfare -covid19 -spike-protein -5g conspiracy theorists -bi-sexual -tri-sexual -Silicon Valley -bitcoin-

I could fill a dictionary with more but you get my point. Most in this new generation have never used a dictionary. Cell phones hold more information than the first computers of 60 years ago, which would not fit into the footprint of a large house.

The world is full as it always has been, full of weak spineless individuals that would not be able to survive in the world of the greatest generation, those who fought and died and survived the perils of the second world war. Many of these men and women were friends of mine and were a special breed. It breaks my heart to see statues and memorial plaques defaced and destroyed by people who have no idea of their historic heritage.

There was a good reason for the learning institutions for young native children in the 1900’s and early years of the 20th century, but that is a subject for another time.  With the greatest respect for those who take the time to read me, thank you. 


Paul D. Scott.

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