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Canada Day -Ho-hum

July 1st. 2021.

(Systemic racism in Canada?)

I opened my computer hoping to get some good news story only to find that on this, Canada’s Birthday, all Canadians should be ashamed of ourselves for being citizens of this great country we old guys have helped to create. With one exception, If I am indigenous, or black or brown or wearing a Hijab, I am excluded.  In other words, if I am a white Anglo or Euro, I am a systemic racist. I am accused of racism, discrimination and genocide. Canadian history tells me that the only genocide ever in this country was done to the Hurons by the Iroquois Indian nations. The Hurons were the largest and most powerful tribe in North America but totally wiped off the face of this earth by a nation of blood thirsty Indigenous people. 

I am in agreement that we should be upset and ashamed of what our Canada has become. But not for the trumped-up fake news reasons of Systemic racism. As a nation we for the most part have been tolerant and helpful to assimilate all colours and religions into our midst. Twenty years ago, my grandson stood alone in his Mississauga public school class picture as the only white kid in the class. There was never any thought that was unusual. Everyone was treated equally. However, when equality is compromised and Blacks or Muslims or Indigenous are treated with preference, there lies the rub. It doesn’t take a professor or a Prime Minister to figure it out. We white supremacists see that there is now favoritism and we are paying the bills for others that are now being treated unequally, (with Preference).

I have written on this subject many times in the past. My Canada is not at all the same nor as ideal as it once was. We have had laws enacted that are totally against our moral fiber. Our laws as with most democratic countries are basically drawn from the Bible. The ten commandments to start with, and without this book to guide us in the direction all men are expected to take, the world would be chaotic. So why are we not following the rules that have been so clearly defined? Leadership! Without a Moses or a Churchill, human nature becomes a boat without an anchor or a rudder. Our leaders in the past have been followers, not leaders. Take a poll and see which way to lead.  Perhaps that is why our country to-day is condoning murder, drugs, extreme sexuality, euthanasia, cheating and lying are common place, our governments are guilty of all of this and are censoring much of what they do not want us to see or do. It would be very difficult to ban the Bible so they go around it and ban the ideas within the book.  The Lord’s prayer has nothing in its words or intent that is offensive, but it has been banned along with prayer in our public schools and Parliament. However, Muslims have convinced the authorities to allow their teaching and rituals to be accepted in many jurisdictions. We see inequality all around us and you wonder if there is justification for our wondering just what is going on?  Our culture that we have treasured and fought for seems to be eroding away before our eyes, perhaps there is good reason for a bit of Islamophobia. 

Paul D. Scott.

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