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Feb 17th 2023.

As I come to the end of a very interesting life with my partner of 65 years, I am taken back

in memories of very good times and some very scary times as well.  These memories have been kindled because my grandsons are finally starting to take life seriously and are now moving out to continue their lives with a new partner. Exciting times for these eager young people! We must always remember that the internal feelings of man change very little from one generation to the next. The passion of love and the excitement of setting out with a new mate to take on the world has not changed very much even though the times are very different, the challenge. In my grandparent’s generation going back into the 1800’s, the 1900’s, the world had much stronger morals than we are displaying today. We have allowed our governments to ignore God’s basic laws and wonder why we are living in a world that has changed so much, and not in a good way.

In Canada, MAID, Abortion, Legalized Drugs, Same sex marriage and even a word we do not hear very often, ADULTERY, all these sins are overlooked today as being old fashioned and do not apply to modern day people. God has taken a back seat to a new and Woke society. Is it any wonder marriage is also not successful in more than 40% of today’s marriages ending in divorce and heart break and scarring the children that are hurt so deeply by  couples that were more than likely, mismatched.

Passion and lust are natural but must be neutralized by true love and utmost consideration. If you are not willing to give your all, even your life for your partner, perhaps a second look is in order.

Every generation has had its’ challenges and the future looks as if life going forward will be just as challenging as in the past. You will find that the road most travelled is not always the road you should be on. Our leaders today seem to be childlike and not up to the maturity this world is demanding. You must look beyond the petty immature liars and thieves that call themselves leaders and go to the Bible for your pathway to a meaningful and rewarding life.

Set basic goals for yourselves and do not be afraid to set them higher than your wildest dreams, for dreams are the first steps to achievement. Nothing is impossible when you have God on your side. We are all given what we used to call “our guide” that inner voice that when you take particular notice, it is that voice that will help you make the correct decision.  This inner voice is sometimes thought of as a spiritual voice given to us by God himself. We sometimes refer to it as our conscience or our soul. Our uniqueness as human beings of course is that no other living organism has a soul.  We have forgotten to be quiet and to reflect in a quiet place where the noise of the world has been blocked out. We need to put the noise aside and listen to what God wants for us.

Many people of God, writers and free thinkers are claiming the signs and prophesies from the Bible are upon us. We are either in, or about to be in “The Last Days”. It would seem that if this is so, we as Christians had better shape up.

Paul D. Scott

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