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Are We at War?

Feb 25th 2024

Are we at war? IF we are, with who? The world is in turmoil as never before in recent history.  Russia and Ukraine, Iran and the free World, Israel and the Palestinians, the USA with itself and to a lesser extent the same would apply to all English-speaking countries, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. The left is at war with the right. This is most pronounced in the USA when you see how the far-left wing of the Democratic party has systematically torn the heart out of their Constitution and almost every one of God’s laws as dictated in the 10 Commandments. In Canada, our “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” is not worth the paper it is written on. You can drive a truck through all the loop holes the left have created for themselves as displayed most recently with the Trucker’s demonstration and the covid19 mandates still being fought in the courts.  The Canadian Bill of Rights has been scrapped as it is now not a part of our Canadian constitution.  Woke and Progressives dictate the slow but distinct erosion of our freedoms all in the name of control. Globalist plan to bring the USA down through the naïve politicians and the corrupt Deep State in the USA and to a lesser extent in Canada.   The donkey is leading its owner over a cliff.  You don’t have to look too hard to see the hand writing on the wall.  Our PM and 2nd minister are both in key positions as well as many wealthy and prominent men and women in the USA and Canada that are in lockstep with the WEF. The Who was created in 1948 to be an advisory board for health care. Now they are on the verge of being a regulatory body that will be able to override governments and healthcare professionals as to what we can or cannot do with our own bodies. No one controlling the Who or WEF are elected by the public. They are both control groups that will make all your decisions for you.

War comes in many costumes. It is disguised to lull the public into thinking our leaders are our friends, and they will seem to be, as long as we obey the rules. When we oppose the rules no matter how ridiculous or obscene or against our God given rights and freedoms, punishments are doled out with a vengeance. This is displayed in the Trump and Jan 6th. trials in the USA, and Trudeau’s display of vengeance against demonstrators of covid19 and so-called vaccine mandates in Canada. Biological warfare is so insidious but we try to ignore it. Covid19 is a perfect example followed by fake vaccines. Chem Clouds have been around since the late 50’s but we deny their existence even when they are so obvious. Climate change has taken over the minds of 80% of our population.  No one in their right mind denies that the weather changes all the time and the patterns are millions of years old. Mankind is so vein and self-centered to think we humans can undo what is God’s natural creation.  We are losing to a very evil foe, little by little. 

 I have created a list that can be added to daily of restrictions and changes in our lifestyle. 

Loss of respect for our culture and history – Loss of protection from governments both for individuals and country – freedom of speech – religion – wealth – small business – health – privacy – middle class – peaceful assembly – freedom of mobility and most disturbing we as a society have given up on all of God’s laws.

Yes, we are at war. Humanity has entered a time in our evolution where God has allowed us loose with a most formidable foe, The Devil himself. I believe God has allowed the Devil loose to test us for our faith and our worthiness to take a position of authority in a new world after our passing into eternity

Read your Bible   Mat.24/21, and 1st John 3/14.


Paul D. Scott                          

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