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Hard Facts

(time to get serious about Muslims)



April 2017

I have been troubled for a long time wondering if I am an Islamophobic, whatever that means. I suppose when you are bombarded from every side with left wing drivel about how wonderful these Muslim families are that we lose sight of the fact that these family’s follow their spiritual leaders (Mullahs) ahead of any patriotism towards their adopted country Canada.  Many are very vocal about how we as a western society will be overcome by Muslim Sharia law which will eventually be North America’s way of life.

 In 1928 a document was written by the Mullahs of the day, to set a goal of 100 years before North America would be taken over by the Muslim nation. It was determined that it could not be accomplished by force but by a far more insidious method. The plan is so simple that we as a decent society believing in free speech, and live and let live, and to be respectful to other societies, will allow this foreign religion to establish itself in our midst and slowly gain power in politics, business, finance and by having large families.

The plan is probably being accelerated by our western society, weakened by Progressives and the reduction of our once firmly held Christian beliefs. With half our population with a faith that is either void or sceptical, we face an army of religious zealots that have a faith (as flawed as it is) that they are willing to die for.  This is not popular thinking yet in Canada, we are still naïve and feel that it can’t happen here.  It most certainly can and will if we continue the path that our politicians have laid out for us. 

Many countries in Europe are on the verge of losing their identity. Experts have predicted that Sweden will be reduced to a third world country within 15 years. Germany, Norway, the Netherlands and even Great Britain are well on their way to this same fate. A million or more young black men are pouring out of the impoverished North African states into Europe headed for Germany for good paying jobs and they are not a part of the Syrian refugees but they are Muslim and are dangerous. When they put their religious beliefs into practice, each man can have up to 4 wives and an average of 8 children per wife.  The future of Europe as we know it looks very bleak.  This scenario looks impossible to overcome. Do we just give in to these changes for our world?  Will the Progressive approach work wonders on the mentality of these people? Obama wasn’t very successful.  As it seems to me this is a war against two religious belief’s, the Christian and the Muslim.  We as a country must unite as one God fearing nation and in the name of Jesus Christ convince our Muslim friends that the Quran can’t stand up to the test as being the true word of God through it’s prophet Mohammad.  The bible does.

Mohammad, the true prophet of God according to the Muslim doctrine, died in the year 632, (possibly poisoned) leaving no written word of his own.  The 1st words written were in 682 but are lost and have never been seen.  The next words supposedly from Mohammad are written in the year 870 and then re written in the year 923. This period of 240 years was dependant on a handful of followers to verbally carry the words of Mohammad forward to finally be written down.

The stories of Jesus on the other hand were written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John from 1st. hand observation and within about 30 years of Jesus’s death. What a compelling argument to bring these dedicated millions to the true God, the God of peace and love. Muslims are fervent worshippers of a God that represents world dominance through fear and conflict, one that condones beheadings and mutilation, child marriage and man’s dominance over women, family killings of females for having a mind of their own.

There is no better thing in life and especially as you become more aware of your limited time on this earth than to know that Jesus Christ died for all our sins.  Believe on him for everlasting life. 

This is the message that we must convey to our Muslim friends. This message will save the world and all mankind.

Paul D. Scott.



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