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Social Control & World Dominance 

Sept 1st 21


Is this the beginning of a new era for our society, and our world?  The problem is that most of us are completely oblivious of what is happening in our midst.  If we are aware, it seems that we are trying to ignore the obvious. The obvious is that our world the way it once was, is and will never be the same.  Sorry, for all of you that keep saying, “I can’t wait until we get back to normal” forget about normal. The noose is slowly drawing tighter and tighter. We are in the pot of warming water and like the frog, we are just waiting for the heat to really get turned up. If we are just living a Lukewarm life now, wait, it is going to get warmer and then when the water is boiling, we will all be people stew, just a conglomerate floating around with no identity and soft and ready for the consumption by our overlords. Not a pretty future but one that is inevitable if we do not take notice and start saying, enough is enough. But words are like empty vessels, actions must be taken. I do not believe in rioting but peaceful demonstrations are a start. Organized and well attended where the media just can’t ignore your voice. Unless our media is forced to report the true news, it will follow the left agenda and report only what the progressives dictate. We must also get back to our roots. For seniors such as my wife Joan and I, we were raised in a God-fearing home and our principles then were far stricter than we see in the average family to-day. God is a loving God and nothing that happens to us is by chance. We are here for just a micro instant in the vast scheme of things. What we accomplish as a human being will only be recorded by our God and he will be our judge. So, we had better get right with our maker for the end times are quickly coming to fruition.  All the signs are showing that our world has changed. The older we are, the bigger the change seems as this hoax has been creeping up on us for a long time. The hoax I speak of is not to be confused with those who do not believe in vaccines or the covid19 epidemic. The hoax includes covid and the vaccine but also encompasses the lies and scandals leading to world dominance by unscrupulous Oligarchs, media, politicians and big business mostly including big pharma.  

At one time we had a choice in the makeup of our political parties. Conservatives were seen as the party of big business with few restrictions on the business community and fewer rules and regulations and a minimum of restrictive laws. They now claim to be for the little guy because the Liberals seem to have abandoned them and gone further to the left than their poor NDP’ers so they are in a quandary as to what their policies are now. To be clear, Liberal, Conservative and the NDP are all alike, corrupt and only interested in two things, Power and Control. There are other parties, Green, Christian, Bloc and communist. None of these smaller parties matter much in the scheme of things. They are not electable, however, a bright spot and one worth watching. On the federal front we have Mr. Maxime Bernier fronting his new party PPC “People’s Party of Canada,” (no seats but 800,000 voted for them) and provincially (Ontario) Belinda and Jim Karamanlis with their new conservative “New Blue Party”. Both of these break a-ways are trying to show the so-called conservatives that they can do better. It shouldn’t be hard. I don’t like a party leader that stifles their members when they go against the party narrative. The whole concept of being a conservative is independent thought. Liberal MP’s have to take an oath to follow the leader on all subjects or they are banned from running. Signing on could cause many to put their politics ahead of their religious beliefs. Shame! Discrimination is the buzz word these days and is being administered toward all who would stray from all narratives no matter how foolish or how corrupt the line is. Conservatives, both provincial and federal have thrown MP’s and MPP’s to the wolves when they showed leadership and went against foolish rules that in some cases were against our own criminal code and the Debate commission. The Liberals, well they can be excused because anything goes over in their corner. We have come to not expect much and we are rarely disappointed.



I will say little about the illegal acts of those who are promoting the Jab with drugs that have not been properly tested and used illegally until a time when they are taken off (for emergency use only list) which has been grossly abused. Lawyers will be making gobs of fees for many years to come if they are allowed to legally charge thousands of cases regarding deaths and abuses against many who have been advocating their use. Health care, big business, media and politicians have been coercing the public much against their will to take this “jab” as it is not even properly named as a vaccine, it is an untested man-made drug that does not fit the parameters described as a vaccine. Some have insisted that covid was just the beginning of an evil scheme to force the world onto a false so-called vaccine so their agenda of world dominance of power, control and extreme wealth could be achieved. This conspiracy theory is so bazaar that even the most gullible find it outrageous.  However, sinister as this tale seems, it does have a great deal of back up and documented history to support it.

In 2015 Ralph Baric was working with the (bat woman) SHI Zhongli Ph.D.  on a drug (SARS-CoV-2). This work was being done at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 2016 Pres. Obama and later Trump saw that this work could lead to a world wide spread of an unknown virus that could have drastic consequences and that gain of function was a part of the science. They had it banned and stopped funds to be directed to this project. Anthony Fauci circumvented the work and funds around the USA control and transferred it to the Wuhan lab in China. Peter Daszik, (Eco-Health Alliance) and a member of WHO worked with Fauci and moved U.S. taxes into the Wuhan labs in China to the tune of $3.1 million. Gain of function research was the intent.

To-day is Sept. 08/21 and Fox news has released the news that proof has now been attained that Fauci has been lying to congress, saying the virus could not be manufactured and leaked from the Wuhan laboratory in China and that gain of function was not being implemented.  This news story has been ignored by most of the media including NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC and CNN. And to my knowledge the National Post. The media poster boy has a lot of egg on his face and should be facing numerous charges by the US and many other courts. Many scientists in the inner circle of the real science of the so-called vaccines have been waiting for this day when Fauci will be de-throned and charged with his crimes.  That is why I correctly named him the Doctor of Death in a previous writing. Unfortunately, this may never happen.

There are drugs on the market that if used within a few days of the virus in your body being administered, are successful for a full recovery. Many surveys and testing have proven a healing rate as high as 85%. So why are these drugs banned in Canada and the United States?  They are cheap and harmless as they have been used for many years. A couple are Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.  The latter was given to Pres. Trump for an overnight recovery. My pharmacist says I can get it on prescription but I know of no doctor that is willing to prescribe them for fear of losing their license to practice. Ivermectin was an over-the-counter drug in the USA, but it has been removed from the shelves there as well. Ivermectin has been used all over the world for animal parasites and more recently for sepsis in humans with very positive results. Over 27 countries have reported their result and all have been positive. However, the AMA and the CMA have not given their approval and we still hear from the media and others calling it horse medicine and worse. In Peru’s former administration Ivermectin was given to all the population and with extraordinary results. Covid 19 was not an issue. A new president came to power and he abolished the drug. Ivermectin when used had a 14-fold decrease in cases and when stopped by the new President the increase in cases increased by 13-fold.   Hydroxychlorophine has been administered in over 14 billion uses over the past 100 years with no adverse effects. For more information on this lifesaver, it can be purchased under the trade name “Plaquenil” Politics – Media – ultra wealthy and corrupt want world control. These sceptics are speaking from empty heads without any concept as to what the product is or what it has done when properly administrated. Lies and deceit are running rampant in our country and across the world. In a recent interview with the renowned Dr. Peter McCullough author of more than 650 papers on Sars and covid19 stated when asked by many of his associates,” what are we doing wrong and how can we fix it?” He stated that their eyes seemed too glazed over as if they had been mesmerized.  Quizzically, he stated, it is understandable that a nation can be taken over by tyrants and its people turned into raging blood thirsty mobs such as what happened in Nazi, Germany but how was this same mentality transferred thousands of miles away to Japan. Remember, this was in the 1930’s when communication was not as it is to-day. I have a theory that will perhaps upset some but I feel it is time to reveal the times we are living in. Where do I go for the answers that seem to be impossible to answer? The Bible. It reveals in many places that the world will enter a time when God will allow the demonic Devil “Satan”, to take over the world for a brief time and that he will have domain over all lands and people, he will appear as the Maasai and will fool many, “Revelation 19/19-21. I feel that many of our questions as to “what is happening in our world?” can be answered by keeping this in mind.  This is not the time to give into our basic desires and to listen to men of hollow heads and evil agendas. This is the time to stand for our moral principles and refuse to be bribed and tricked into losing our God given freedoms. These freedoms are spelled out clearly in our laws. However, Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms has been doctored by Trudeau 1 with a very suspicious “subject only to reasonable limits:” in 1982.   Dr. Richard Fleming, a research scientist and a lawyer has immaculate credentials around the world. He with many others are mounting legal actions in the USA and Italy regarding the illegal use and forced use of the so-called vaccines.  They are biological weapons in his opinion.  This is a good place for a list of only a very few world-renowned doctors, scientists and virologists that have been silenced and censored but have been my source for this writing.

1    Dr. Richard Fleming.-  Scientist, doctor and lawyer.

2    Dr. Lee Merritt  - military surgeon.

3    Dr. Tess Lawrie  - Ivermectin specialist.

4    Dr. Robert Malone – Vaticanologist’s   mRNA  developer.

5    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – vaccine developer.

6    Dr. Peter McCullough – Covid and Sars expert- author of 650 papers

7    Dr. Vladimir Zelenko – New York and Israeli covid expert

8   Dr. Jim Mercola – natural and vitamin D advocate

9   Dr. Richard Urso – inflammatory drug specialist.

10 Dr. Ryan Dole -  observations

11 Dr. Sam White UK suppress therapeutics

12 Dr. Dmitry Kats - chemist and mathematics

13 Dr. Deloris Cahill  - EU Bio labs.

14 Dr. Shuserit Bhakti  - micro biology.

15 Geert Vanden Bosshe - Pro vaccine creator.

16 Dr. Judy Mikovits – scientist – genes - Book “Plague of Corruption”

17 Dr. Reiner Fullmich _ Germany

There are many more that contributed to my assessment of these times and most or all have been censored and ridiculed for their professional opinions. Science and medicine do not work in this fashion. Dialogue, conversation and exchange of ideas is the way science moves forward. With only one opinion from only one source, it will stagnate the inventive and inquisitive mind and eventually leaves us with Zombie like Lemmings.


Bill Gates: USA

There are many characters in our story of greed, control and domination of our world.  The “New World Order” is not new. For many years evil has been brewing in the hearts of men such as Bill Gates and his father before him, a co-founder of Planned Parents Society and a Eugenics enabler. Gates has his hand in many plots and up to his armpits financially and control wise. Monsanto, seed control and genetic engineering. He is in favor of Agri business rather than regenerative Agriculture.  Africa and India have been influenced in many nasty ways from his meddling. Many thousands have perished as a result. He is the largest private land owner in the USA. heavily involved in food management such as fake meat. He has large financial interests in all the big Pharma companies and especially the vaccine manufacturing segment. Naturally he favors child vaccinations and gene therapy. He is on his way to control Seeds, Land and Climate. This is just the tip of the iceberg when speaking of Bill Gates.


Klaus Martin Schwab: Germany.

A side-kick and equally as repulsive is Klaus Martin Schwab, the founder and Executive chairman for life of the “World Economic Forum” and as a side note the directorship automatically is transferred to his next of kin upon his death. This is a closed family control business that resembles the genesis of this corrupt family. Father Schwab owned Solzer Esch Wyse manufacturing in Germany working with the Nazi party building airplane parts during the second WW.  This factory was NOT on the allied list for bombing. Interesting, as this company was later involved in the Nazi nuclear program as well nuclear involvement in South Africa.” The “Foundation for Social entrepreneurship,  a school for the elite that upon graduation, students go into the world and follow through with the agenda of world domination, some are Micron of France, Merkel of Germany, Bill Gates and many others including Canada’s Prime minister Justin Trudeau as graduates. And I thought the only degree Justin ever earned was in Snowboarding. This man is dangerous and a threat to our country.  Is it any wonder we are getting to the point of no return with debt at record heights and our civil liberties draining away? The Democrats in the USA are well on their way to fulfilling their agenda. They understand that they will never be re-elected so they must bring the USA down fast before they can do their “Great rebuild” If they can destroy the principles of this great country in the next three years, religion, borders, gun control, military, the people’s will, and disastrous health care, they will not need an election, they will have won the country over and will probably be in league with China to help rule the world.  They have a very small window to achieve their goal so we must be aware as to their agenda and stop them ASAP.  “They call it “The Great Reset”  

Go on line and read the very informative in-depth story on Klaus Schwab by Jose P. Farrell. Schwab and Gates and a few multi- billionaires along with the media that is controlled by these same people are behind this horrible debacle. Interesting that George Soros also has a history and connection to the Nazi party through his father. The world will never return to what we would consider normal, but we do not want what the Gates and Schwab’s have in mind. Total subservience to a ruling class that has no morals and control is their only goal. Freedom of speech, control over our life and body, freedom of thought and religion. Except for the ruling class, everyone will be equally treated with shelter and food and jobs. We will never own anything so that all the desires and needs for achievement will be taken away.

 Here in Canada, we have a similar situation except Trudeau is moving with more caution.  When the United States falls, he will have no problem convincing we naïve Lemmings in Canada to jump off the cliff as well. Our election was not exactly what he had in mind, over six hundred million spent on his vain idea that he could get a total majority was defeated, but he was not crushed as he should have been. Evil is his partner.

Anthony Fauci USA

This man is looked upon by the ruling powers in the United States as a Guru of science. He is viewed by his peers as someone quite the opposite. If you look back at his past performances, you will see a pattern of compromise, wrong analyses, contradictions from day to day depending on how he can please the one he is in contact. Sedition lies and deceit, his science is faulty and he goes back many years showing a character that will do anything he can to achieve recognition and power and money. From what I have read and what his peers have indicated, he is a man that cannot be trusted. He has blood on his hands the number of human beings that have been negatively affected by this man is in the millions.  A true Dr. Death.





We do have a bright shining light to place our faith that all who believe will survive this horrible fate, that safe place is in the arms of our heavenly father who gave his son to die for our sins that we will live with him for eternity. Jesus Christ is our only way out.  All that is required is our total belief that Jesus Christ died for our sins and he is the Son of God. If you go to him and give your life over to him, you too will be a part of his holy family. You will be saved.  God save our land and our souls.


More information and contacts.


Dr. Howard Tenenbaum – we treat the virus but should treat the patient.

Dr. Jonathon Luthum PhD.- Ex. Dir. Bio Science Project Ethica NY.

Dr, Roger Hodkinson – pathologist

Dr. Vandana Shiva   India - modified seeds consultant and expert.

Dr. Zach Bush MD. – author- Back to Natural

Dr. Ryan Cole - Idaho pathologist & Ivermectin expert

Dr. Scott Livley. net. Barrington Declaration, Hippocratic oath, Nuremburg code trials.

Dr. Bahkdi  - Germany  PCR tests do not work

Dr.David Martin - World patents expert - Planet lockdown. Underwriter of Intangible assets.

Vaers - Virus Adverse Event Reporting system.


WHO – some eugenics members- Rockefeller foundation- the Welcome Trust and Human Sterilization League for Human Betterment Post WW2 are now into RNA vaccine development with the Galton Institute (formerly British Eugenics Association) Oxford’s AstraZeneca, Pfizer and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Very concerning!

Andrew Gavin Marshall - Global research.

Ivermectin - countries that have done well with it - South Africa, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Zimbabwe, republic of Czechoslovakia,  Slovakia, India, Argentina, and 18 more.

Naomi Wolf – author The End of America. Steps – terrorism-surveillance

Dr. Alex Pierson - University of Guelph.

Blackrock and Vanguard - secret monopoly that own almost all big business in the world.

Dr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – Author and children’s advocate for health

Cost of vaccines 2021 – US $ Pfizer $19.50 – Novavax $16.00

                                             Moderna - $15.00 – J&J - $10.00

                                             AstraZeneca $4.00

Dr. Pierre Kory - Dark Horse pod cast.

Professor Dr. Paul Marik

Academy of  Mass Psychosis

Sucharit Bhakdi – micro biologist

Dr. Geert Vanden Bosshe   Pro vaccine creator.

Vladamir Zelenko – The Zelenko

HeavenorNot .com.

I.B.M. Digital health pass 1940’s National Institute of Health. Fauci co-conspirator.


Many books have been written and many more are about to be published with so much information that most will never know the whole story. I have taken many months researching this short writing mostly for my own edification and to prove or disprove my stand on this complex story.  Most of my family and almost all my friends and acquaintances were against me from the start. Most still are but some doubts could be forming when they read this. For others, they will be even less convinced of my sanity.

 When covid19 appeared in the late weeks of 2019, it was looked upon as another flu but with some interesting aspects and with the potential of being much more serious. An article was written by Peter Daszak that was published by a suspected medical publication (Lamset) and falsely represented Covid 19. As a pandemic. This story spread across the world and opened up an opportunity for the world dominance crowd to take over. Some of us know the rest of the story and others would rather not know what their fate could be if we do not wake up. 

It has been very hard looking back almost 18 months to when we decided to give in to our leaders when they said that we may have to hunker down for a couple of weeks until this thing blows over. We have dutifully followed the protocol of wearing masks that have been proven not to work and for my definition are a sign of subservience to the system.  Distancing that has no medical meaning except that back in the early 1900’s 6 feet distancing seemed workable. It has been proven that 16 feet would keep us safer. Lockdowns have been proven not to work; this is data taken from many sources.  And still, we repeat it over and over again with the same results. We elect our politicians assuming they are intelligent enough to be able to make the hard decisions that are for the good of the people and not be always considering the popular way out. Not always are the loudest voices the smartest voices.

PCR testing is a joke. This test was never intended for Sars or covid and is rarely even used at reasonable set amplifications of up to 24, they are set at 47 which gives a reading 97% false positives. However, we still rely on this test. The courts of the following countries and provinces have ruled that the testing for covid is faulty and unreliable, Portugal WHO, BC health, Manitoba health, Austria, German and Swedish.

The Nuremberg code to which Canada is a signatory, states that it is essential before performing medical experiments on human beings, there is voluntary informed consent. It also confirms, a person involved should have legal capacity to give consent, without the intervention of any element of force, Freud, deceit, duress, overreaching or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion, and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him/her to make an understanding and enlightened decision.

 Vaccine as they are called are at this point for covid 19 experimental, and unlawfully being pushed onto a people that are being used as Guiney pigs. There are lawyers that are actively working on behalf of the public with many cases on the books. One in Toronto is Rocco Galati – Action for Canada, Victoria Solomon (legal co-Ordinator for Rebel News.) Jenna Little and National  Canadian Lawyers Initiative, founder Alex Don.

If you are reluctant in getting the vaccine which would slightly protect you for about 4-6 months from having more serious symptoms. you can still get the virus and you most certainly can pass it on. You are not going to be protected from far more serious ailments your body will encounter because the smart money says your own immune system will be compromised by the junk you have put into your body namely covid 19 vaccine. It has been announced that Fauci has over 130 variants that surely will get you. Also, the vaccines are showing to be adversely affecting more patients than is acceptable under normal medical tolerances. Not enough testing has been done when most vaccines rarely are able to be administered in less than 6-10 years. Vaccines have never been introduced into the public health care during the height of the infection. Everything that could be done wrong has been done. All protocol has been ignored.

 The plan as many see it is to introduce covid19 or any virus and frighten the population to take the easy fix, a vaccine. The vaccine will ease the minds of the population until a booster is introduced because the vaccine runs out of steam after 5-6 months. The reason for all of this is money and control. We are being bribed to get a jab of  kunk to allow us to have a normal life but that is only the pre-curser to a magnetic chip that will carry all your information and follow you wherever you go. Great, throw that bulky wallet away.  Not so fast, if you are a Christian and believe the Bible teachings of Christ our Lord and Saviour, you will know about the most evil one, we call him the devil.  His # is 666.  A number will be given all of us after our second vaccine shot. This is the beginning of our slide down to our subservience to the devil and our rejection of our God. If we reject the card to day and the implant in the future, we will endure many hardships and they will increase over time so a decision has to be the individuals, to join the devil or our Father God.

We are at the cusp of the New World Order and the beginning of terrible world events. I fear for all who will have to endure and make their decision.


A wise man once said:     “The problem with the world is-

                                             That the intelligent people are full of doubt

                                              While the stupid people are full of confidence”

Paul D. Scott

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