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Fear – Fear – Fear !

March 22/23


I fear we are in a hiatus period waiting for the other shoe to drop. Covid has been relegated to the back burner even though there are still cases being reported.  Rumors are circulating about other pandemics on the horizon soon to be thrust at us where vaccines and Fauci style authority will be the only road to recovery.  It is hard to ignore the constant harping by our corrupt media and governments to get the booster and make sure your children are vaccinated ASAP.

Faint voices from concerned professionals are recording the statistics from all over the world that the so-called vaccines are now the obvious cause for millions more deaths.  Our people are being poorly served by our overlords by censoring or not reporting research that the vaccines have been one of the worst evils man has perpetrated against his fellow traveler. We are just realizing that long term covid and numerous jabs and boosters could have lasting and even fatal results. The next pandemic it is said will be far worse than what we just experienced and will be far harder on those who have maintained a regiment of vaccinations and boosters. So many reliable scientists and doctors are reporting that the more we inject this untested gunk into our bodies, the spike protein along with the many other foreign substances will eventually kill us. Big Pharma stopped testing on mice for after effects of the vaccine when all the test animals died. Fauci and his band of scoundrels promised that if we took the shots, we would not get the covid again and it would not be transferrable, and those who were not vaxed should be treated like leppers. We leppers are now in a position of turning the screws on our brothers that were conned into getting the jabs. Our natural immune system is a much better warrior against covid and the jab and there is a better chance of a vaccinated person getting covid numerous times than the unvaccinated. Still, well-educated friends will brag that they have had all the shots. How will they explain a cancer attack that will snuff them out in record time, or, when they have heart and lung issues when they were in good health previously. Many countries are starting to realize they were wrong and are reluctantly withdrawing their support for the shots. Denmark and Sweden are NOT making the vaccines available to under 50-year-old citizens. Mandates are being cancelled and we are now realizing that the lessons learned from our first experience with covid could be a benefit in the reactions we should take when we are faced with the next round. It is a proven fact that vaccines and mandates, lockdowns and masks don’t work. Fear is our worst enemy and compliance to authority must stop when we realize we are being manipulated. Only a strong public resistance will defeat those who are bent on changing our society and our values.

 The WEF and its members have a plan to change the world as we know it. This organization is being used as one of many planning to enter our society into “a New World Order.” There is no conspiracy involved, they have laid their plan out quite plainly and this Godless group must be stopped.  Canada, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, USA, and many other countries must have their left-wing government leaders who are standing with Klaus Schwab {WEF} removed and true leaders elected that are not allied with this one world {the great reset} Nazi sympathizer. If the people can’t see the future and take positive action, our only hope will be in the final days, God’s intervention.

Fear is the operative word and that emotion overcame the world when covid first appeared in our lives. One of my first remarks to my grandsons was that we must not have fear, but faith in our belief in God and that this was a test for all humanity. I was dismissed quickly and told that they were not fearful of anything. The opposite sadly was true as they all got the jab. My fear along with my wife was a fear of our government and a corrupt society that has long since rejected God and his laws. Fear has played into all our lives in one way or other. Anyone with a heartbeat and some curiosity along with a sense of distrust of big government and business along with a dishonest media, would want to know more about what they were about to inject into their body. However, a large percentage of Canadians wanting always to follow the laws of the country and be upstanding law-abiding citizens, proudly presented their bodies to be used as human Guiney-pigs. This would be the largest medical experimental research program the world has known. Most who have taken the jab more than once are beginning to wonder if they were dupped. Pride and fear have taken over many that will never admit their mistake and they will be the next victims in this world take-over attempt. If the world population is to be reduced, the next victims will be the morons that keep getting the jab and the follow up boosters.

Those that have avoided the scam will most certainly be affected as our economy will be decimated and living with the threat from these oligarchs and their henchmen will be impossible. Men and women with natural desires to live and let live, to do a decent day’s work and raise a family and do for themselves and avoid having to depend on government will be culled out of society and put in concentration camps or worse. Free thinkers will not be tolerated. The world will finally be for the elite with a work force of sub-humans that will have been dehumanized to robotic slaves. This is what the WEF have in mind for the world of to-morrow. If you think this is overstated and total baloney, read their manifesto and listen to their speeches.

 In Canada we must be aware of who is running the country and their agenda. Chrystia Freeland and her boss Justin Trudeau (Castro) are in the upper echelons of the WEF and should be watched and at our next federal elections, dumped. Many of our members of parliament are also in league with Schwab, he claims over 50% of our parliament are in his camp.  They must be exposed as to who they are and voted out of our country’s halls of leadership.

“If freedom is not given -   It must be taken”. 

Our election system has worked pretty well over the past two hundred years, however, the last elections in the USA have proven to have been fixed.  When we went to bed election night, we were confident Trump would be the winner. The next morning, sleepy Joe was declared the winner with a poll larger than his boss, Obama, who was the most popular Democrat ever. At this point, the writing was on the wall, this was the beginning of the end of 100 Years of American leadership and world dominance. The United States of America was doomed. It would only be a short time under the Democrats {the Woke and the Progressives} before the USA would be second fiddle to China and Russia, God’s Will being fulfilled. Read {Deuteronomy 28:15, 37-48.} then continue to the end of the chapter for more understanding of God’s anger toward those who ignore his laws.

Many of our current respected writers and forecasters of current events are predicting what is happening as we read about our national decline and our society declining into depravity rarely seen in our society. Jim Nelson wrote 30 years ago “When Nations Die” about 10 warning signs of America’s culture in crisis and the resemblance our culture’s decline to ancient Greece and Rome. Harvard professor Samuel Huntington wrote “Clash of Civilizations and the remaking of the World Order” Jacques Barzun wrote “From Dawn to Decadence” where he commented that we are living through the last 500 years of western ascendancy. Patrick Buchanan, an adviser to three US presidents wrote “Suicide of a Super Power” “Will America survive to 2025?” He warned that America was tearing itself apart.

People are starting to sense that something is wrong in our world. We are a nation of Israelite descended nations and the Bible has warned that a time of trouble will come to us in the latter days, see {Jeremiah 2:17-19}  

My writing is pretty blunt but not as blunt as the words from the Bible, and as my dear wife has said, I think you are right but most people will not agree with you. My predictions were not always correct but I hit the mark more often than not so far, since I have been reporting on this world event, [covid and its effects] for almost three years. [You will find all my predictions in remarks on my blog,]  I have hit the bulls-eye on almost all my predictions. I have been in concert with others on the same page as myself so that my predictions are shared by those of the same mindset. We are in the minority but the truth will always find its way to the top and finally be recognized. As the title of my last book reminds us, “Time Will Tell.”

  Our enemy is a formidable one, the devil and his associates are very difficult to overcome. LUCIFER was one of God’s Angels and decided to go against God and create a world of sin and ungodliness. He knows God and his people and can be very persuasive. Join God’s team and fight for a better world without sin and lies.  We must fight and destroy those who are not for God’s laws, the laws still of our country but ignored by our present leaders.

Paul D. Scott          

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