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Ontario’s new Bill #100

April 24th 2022



Sounds pretty mundane and sensible and who could not defend a bill that would help small business especially after the province has all but made small business almost extinct through covid government mandates. Perhaps this is Premier Doug. Ford’s way of making amends. No such thing. Premier Ford is a politician and a very powerful one, and powerful politicians do not like to lose their power. Thus Bill 100.

I am sure that most Canadians are not even aware of this new legislation as it was pushed through 3rd. reading after the regular session on a Friday night knowing that this is the best time to use sneaky tactics to introduce bad policies. Many MPP’s were not informed of the vote. So now a small beam of light has exposed a side of this Conservative government that they will sacrifice ethics for power to the detriment of the populous. For in fact, "the emergency powers act" of the feds has now been put into law here in the province of Ontario.

In fact, the law has been written to allow a single law enforcement officer with the suspicion only of a crime, to arrest two people in discussion on the suspicion of breaking the laws set forth in Bill 100. This may seem to be ridiculous but is now the law. Everything in this bill is to avoid another demonstration like the past Trucker’s convoy. Peaceful assembly is against the law in Ontario. This is a direct violation of our Charter of Rights. Federal government Emergency powers have been put into law in Ontario.

 A provincial election is on the horizon and Ford has taken a page from the Trudeau government with a bribe to all the car owners in Ontario by giving us back our own tax money paid for license fees. This sure smells of a Quasi-dictatorship. If ever it was the time to hold your nose when voting, it will be at this up-coming election. There is one party for non-left thinkers and non-woke Progressives that should be considered, it is the “New Blue Party” headed up by Belinda Karaiglios MPP for Cambridge and her husband Jim Karaiglios. It is time we get involved in who and what we are voting for. Canadians have had it so good for so long that we have become complacent and easy pickings for those who would be our overlords. Our freedoms are being challenged and we must fight back in the only way we know to be right and fair, the election process.

Paul D. Scott

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