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The Reason for the Season.


We were entertained the other night with just another Christmas season TV show. I was particularly interested in watching this one because it was to do with the Obama White House being decorated for Christmas. Apparently Michelle the {first lady} took a very keen interest in this project that involved hundreds of citizens from all over this great USA.  Groups gathered to decorate many of the elaborate rooms in various Christmas themes.  I am sure that a great deal of money and planning went into this project for the enjoyment of an estimated 65,000 visitors. Many hopefully would be little impressionable children.  They were to be gifted with lots of lights and tinsels, garlands hand made with love and attention by volunteers, ginger bread houses from the Whitehouse kitchens and personal touches from the first lady.

But where was the real reason for all of this grand show?

 Where was the baby Jesus?      Where were the Wise men? Where was the star? and the shepherds, and the stable, and the animals?, and where were Mary and Joseph? Politics for Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle trumps all. They really don’t have a true sense for the reason for this Christmas season; They just ignored the birth of Christ and glossed it over with glimmer and glitz. Their left wing base and the doting media would not have even noticed that Christ was left out of this Christian celebration.

 Did the Obama’s host a spectacular birthday party and forget to invite the guest of honor?


Paul D. Scott.


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