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Ship of State (Canada)  SINKING

APRIL 15th.. 2021


I have owned literally dozens of boats that I have restored and sailed over the past 70 years. When a boat starts to take on water, you had better have a plan. Your first move to avoid sinking is to start to bail out before you are overcome by the incoming water. This present government we have been propping up now for the past few years is sinking in a flood of debt. Not just our Liberal dopes in Ottawa, but most of our provinces are swimming in their own debt. It is hard to imagine just how bad off we are.

 A few months ago, I wrote that it was estimated that each man, woman and child in this once great country was responsible for over $60,000 of debt. That has to have more than doubled by now. Imagine a family of four, Imagine a Mom, Dad and two kids on the hook for over half a million dollars plus their own personal family debts. We can only print more money for a short time and then the wheels will fall off the wagon of debt and our money will become worth less and less.  This is happening already. Our pay cheques are not buying as much in groceries and gas, rents are increasing along with everything. Costs over the past six months have increased as much as 30% in some areas, have you had a 30% raise in pay recently? I think not.

However, Mr. Dressup, the egotistical fool is spending our money like a drunken sailor not yet realizing he will have to go down in his sinking ship. Or will he? I think not. For he is a part of the elite establishment with lifelines to wealth and position that few of us will ever know. Just what kind of leadership do we have in Canada?  All of our leaders that make decisions that have an impact on our daily lives must know what they are doing. We are paying them huge salaries with almost unlimited expense accounts and privileges we can not imagine. Most have law degrees and have a lot of experience in so many fields, they must be perfect for the high responsibilities they are entrusted with.    Not so!       Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has never held a real job in his life, he was a teacher’s assistant and was a snow board instructor.

  Finance minister w/ other portfolios was a journalist.

  Health minister was a graphic designer.

  Procurement minister was a law professor.

  Foreign affairs minister was an astronaut.

  Natural resources minister was a TV personality.

  Health minister owns a campground.

All respectable professions but hardly acceptable on a job interview application.  Any one looking for managers to fill these and many more positions would naturally be looking for some connection to the job at hand. I guess the Astronaut would squeak in as a fit. No wonder our country is floundering as would a sinking ship.

We are spending hundreds of millions on outside contractors because the talent in the government offices is either inept or just getting stale. How is it possible to spend one hundred million dollars to fix up an old mansion?  Trudeau has spent hundreds of thousands trying to please a wife, that won’t live with him, building and refurbishing houses for her while getting quotations for the restoration of the prime minister’s residence. I restored, furnished and made a mansion of 14,000 sq ft. Into a 5-star Inn for one/one hundredth of their quote and started with a derelict empty shell. Ottawa is out of control.

Paul D. Scott

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