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Hard to Believe

Nov. 5th 2022


In December of 2018 my life was saved by a team of dedicated and talented surgeons in a 12-hour operation where my esophagus was removed and my stomach pulled up into the void in my chest and attached directly to my throat. If all goes well, you will have a 50% chance for a survival of perhaps another five years, my surgeon explained. Five more years was a lot better odds than the alternative of death in six months or less, so I was on the O-R table in ten days. Cancer can be beaten.

My tank seems to be getting low as my ability to do all the things I did twenty years ago are only a dream. Life for me was a busy one, and I did not hold back - giving me many wonderful memories. Now re-entering the new world for me with a few extra years, I am not sure it was such a blessing as the world to-day is not the one I was born and re-born into. World news to-day is becoming unbelievable.

In the USA, the top 3 administrators voted in by apparently sane people are bazar. It is hard to believe the president aside from being a consummate liar is also proven to be a threat to the country with ties to both China and Ukraine, a VP that is totally incompetent and #3 Nancy Pelosi married to Paul who can’t seem to avoid being involved in suspicious antics first with totaling his car while drunk and injuring the driver and not facing any charges. Pelosi’s alleged passenger disappeared with no witness and no real police report, it all looks pretty suspicious. Now a very suspicious encounter with a home invader. Or was Mr. DePape a home invader?  The first reports out on this story were that DePape was in the house with Pelosi for about an hour before Paul answered the door to the police. DePape was in his underwear and Paul was not injured. Pelosi backed toward DePape and the rest of the story is all up to the public to figure out. Who injured Pelosi? All that was originally reported at first has been censored. Is Paul Pelosi playing around while Nancy is doing her patriotic duty in World politics? That is his personal business of course but it is Hard to Believe all in the Pelosi family is normal? 

President Biden certainly is not normal in the eyes of a law-abiding honest country loving electorate and yet these people allow him the privilege of being their leader and President.  The VP is simply a disaster. Hard to Believe!

Back in Canada, we have been dupped by a young woman of no particular standing except as a teacher in a little-known college in the middle of British Columbia. She claimed that 215 native children from a residential school are buried in unmarked graves and the entire country has been consumed especially our idiot Prime Minister to condemn all of the country and declare a special day of mourning and the wearing of sackcloth for all citizens as well as all government buildings to fly our standard at half-mast for five months. No bodies have been found!  Hard to Believe!

Children again are being used as pons in a sinister scheme to frighten the populous into vaccinating and masking our most vulnerable, our children.  Parents again are being told the lies that children are at risk of dying if they do not take the dreaded unsafe covid vaccine. The latest world statistics show that covid has been the cause of death in children under 19 years old is 0.0095%.  Survival is 99.995%.  However, vaxed children are starting to show many signs of disease such as cancer, heart and lung disease, and blood clotting. Hard to Believe parents are not getting this information for themselves.

These are  only a few reasons why returning to a life on earth to-day is not what it should be or was a few years ago. Lying is just another communication skill, and cheating and evil deeds are Ok so long as it does not impact us personally. We are ripe for the taking and we are going to be taken. “ You vill have nothing and you vill be happy.” Klaus Schwab {WEF} World Economic Forum.

The Great reset is upon us and it will be difficult to defeat it with many ill-informed or power-hungry men and women at its head. People such as our newly crowned King Charles II and our PM Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland and many more high-ranking leaders in Canada, most World Oligarchs and many of the world’s largest corporations and banks. BlackRock are buying up much of our land to build housing for the semi-human robots they want to create. Many jails are being built in Great Britain and Canada’s Armories are being refitted with interrogating holding cells. Hard to Believe!     Paul D. Scott







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