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Black lives DO Matter                                   June 4th, 2020


But all lives matter. Why do some think it is necessary to segregate the Blacks from the Browns or the Asians or even the Whites? Who is calling for the unborn or the very old to have special consideration? They also matter. In Canada we are condoning thousands of our most vulnerable to abortion and euthanasia. The highest rate of abortions world wide are black babies. Yes, almost everyone in Canada will agree that black lives matter. I am old enough to remember the fist time I saw a black person in Toronto where I was raised. I was on the streetcar on Bloor Street when there to my astonishment was a couple standing waiting to cross the street. My face was pressed against the window as we passed them. This was prior to World War 2. I am now in my mid 80’s and will never forget that momentous day.

 My grandchildren were raised in downtown Mississauga and school pictures will show that they were the only white kids in the class. They are over twenty now and were totally oblivious to the fact; this is normal in our Canadian society. I agree with Jason Day that we do not have a problem here and to keep on making it one will only start a fire that could get out of control. The minority white population of Canada that I am a part of, want equality for all. With equality comes responsibility. We all must take on that task by honouring our laws and being the best, we can be in furthering our place on the world stage.

All Canadians should be treated equally and not directed by the likes of Leithia Webber (teacher in Hamilton) as if we as a society should be trying to be Black when we have our own culture. (Opinion, the Welland Tribune June 4th) This only creates divisive feelings and does nothing to maintain an atmosphere of love and harmony.

Paul D. Scott

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