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Sick Kids Hospital (Toronto)

Oct 5th/22

As predicted a few months ago, the scorpion Devil has returned to the Emergency doors of this once internationally respected children’s Hospital. The decision to stop practicing medicine and follow the dictates of the desire for dirty money has come back to bite them in the Ass.

Most will not remember that for a very short time when Big Pharma released word that a children’s vaccine would soon be available, The Hospital for Sick Kids released a statement that children were not at risk and that the benefits of a vaccine were not great enough to warrant any covid treatment on our children. Children’s innate immune system seems to be able to reject this man-made virus. That to me, when I heard this was finally showing some sense by the administration of this once great hospital. Within a few hours, the hospital’s rhetoric took an about turn and it was obvious they were threatened to fall in lock step with the rest of the world. Shame! Shame! Shame! Parents were now encouraged to get their children vaccinated. 

The result of this is now returning with frightened parents wondering why their children are coming down with a cough and a runny nose. The hospital said that the vaccine would eliminate any chance of covid symptoms. They ignored censored medical professionals that warned the Spike Protein would work to reduce the natural immune system and that any germs their kid’s would come in contact with would be difficult for them to reject. Thus, crowded Emergency rooms at The Hospital for Sick Kids.  Spokesmen for the hospital as of this date are still recommending children get jabbed. You were warned!  Parents need to know the truth.   

 Paul D. Scott

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