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Search for the Truth

Feb 20/22.


In this day and age, it is necessary to be very skeptical in separating truth from fiction. “Fake news” was never a part of our vocabulary until quite recently when it became so obvious that the media was lying to us. My fellow Canadians are very peace loving and somewhat naïve when it comes to trust in our fellow man and particularly, trust in our elected leaders.  We would like to believe in “do unto others as you would have done to yourself”. Unfortunately, this is not what we are doing to each other. Our media and much worse, our Prime Minister being a progressive has taken upon himself to divide us by his actions and dialogue. During this past few weeks Trudeau has revealed himself as a man that has gone far beyond his mental capacity for the job of Prime Minister of Canada...  If he ever thought he would progress to grander positions in the world of leadership, I would warn him to be content to silently disappear from the world stage. Mr. Trudeau, you have disgraced yourself and you need to go. World attention has been drawn to Canada by the trucker’s legal demonstration. Among many other world leaders was Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) USA, remarking with this statement,

“I would quietly say to the PM. If you are going to be a smartass, first you have to be smart. Otherwise, your just an ass.  And I think he needs to be re-calibrated and realize what this is all about”

The Wall Street Journal wrote, regarding the trucker demonstration -

“Government’s job is to maintain public order while respecting civil liberties. Canada has failed on both scores.

Truer words were never spoken.

How do we decide what is the truth?   That is very hard to do as we are inundated with false information coming from many sources that at one time were reliable. As I believe that we are in the beginning stages of the last days according to the Holy book, the Bible. I try to start my curious mind by asking, does that make any sense? So many lies are so outrages that you would have to be in a fog not to recognize it for what it is, a lie.  We Canadians are law abiding and anxious to be obedient to our laws, so when a Premier, prime minister or a member of the media make statements claiming they are true, we take it as gospel and obey. The world has been semi-hypnotized into following these edicts that have taken us into unchartered waters of injecting ourselves with substances that are not approved and are experimental and have never been tried before. But we willingly obey and put our lives at risk to appease the ruling class.  If we object for any reason, we are abused by the authorities and our family and even our former friends. People that know better, doctors and nurses that have taken the Hippocratic oath that states, everyone without exception should be treated equally, have refused to treat their fellow man if they have not taken the so-called vaccine.  

We are lied to about masks, they must be worn even though it has been proven they don’t work. One expert has compared the mask to a chain link fence to a mosquito. For distancing to work, 16 feet not 6 would be the recommended distance. We are told not to shake hands any more even though this has been a form of greeting since the beginning of time. Viruses are airborne and not spread by physical touching. We are told to believe in the authorities such as the CTC, WHO and many other watch dog institutions.  They all have been caught in lies and are becoming irrelevant in our society as have much of the health care and pharmaceutical companies. Pfizer asks us to wait 54 years for their findings on their studies of the vaccines. CDC withheld findings on studies of the vaccine for men 18-49 because they were not showing this group as needing the jab. The results were held back and thousands of young men were inoculated unnecessarily.  Pfizer reported a 134% increase in profit in 2021 to the tune of 24.6 billion dollars. We can expect with this kind of return we will be coerced into more and more vaccines and boosters for a long time into the future.  

There are many in my community that do not want to hear the truth. It is much easier to be kept in a semi slumber state of ignorance than to be aware of the present and the impending future. I as a messenger have been called many things for my stand which is very much in the minority. However, if we do not stand up like our friends the truckers, we will have no excuse when our warnings come to fruition. Yes, Canada is a wonderful country and it has been good to me and my family. We can’t live in the past. Canada has changed and is changing before our very eyes. We are becoming a country of welfare, handouts and more government control and fewer freedoms. Our freedom to free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to show our face in public, freedom of religion, freedom to eat in a restaurant or attend indoor gatherings, funerals, weddings, church, freedom to travel in our country or abroad, freedom to donate to others who are oppressed, freedom to our banks. How much more are we willing to give up before we rebel against an oppressive state. And still, we are told by our Progressive left wingnuts to shut up and do not complain, you have never had it so good.

We should all be thankful to the truckers for they have peeled away the lies to show the true slime we have in charge.  Sunny days be dammed. Trudeau and Freeland are showing their true colours and if we ignore their evil they will continue in the shoes of their teacher and mentor Klause Schwab and the agenda that the New World Order, WEF (World Economic Forum) has in store for us all.


Justin Trudeau     -ties to Fidel Castro and Klaus Schwab (WEF).

Kristian Freeland -ties to WEF (director) and grandfather that has been connected  to the Nazi party in the 1930s-40s.

That is the present leadership of our country.  Rather embarrassing to be a Canadian.  

Rex Murphy and Jorden B. Peterson got together a few hours ago and spent an hour or so discussing Canada’s state of affairs. This is a very concise revue of their conversation.

They were both appalled by the Marshal Law imposed on the Canadian people. White supremacy keeps coming up as if Canadians even knew what it is. The demonstration was typical for Canadians. Bring the children for dancing and singing and free food and what was left given to the homeless. The boys put security at the War Memorial. A Fun Park for the children.  No broken windows, or fires, or fights, or looting for over two weeks. Just horns blowing to get the attention of the ruling class that something is terribly wrong. No evidence that the outflow of donated money in support of the rally was suspicious, Fin- track report.

They observed that the country was being run based on opinion polls. The media has been corrupted by the government with donations of $600,000 given to the media and a grant of 1.2 billion dollars to the CBC every year. It was stated that over 20% of Canadians have lost faith in our banking system. Trudeau should be able to explain what was the emergency for bringing in the War measures act? They were both in agreement that Jagmeet  Singh of the NDP is even more immature than Justin Trudeau. Peterson and Murphy were appalled that parliament was dissolved on Monday from approving or disapproving the act against the people. It was too scary to ask the MP’s to gather in the house.   This action was as bad as the WE and the SNC scandal. They expressed a suspicion that opinion polls were highly suspect and that this was a catastrophic failure of the PC opposition.  Canada’s GNP has remained the same, Years ago they were matched with the US at$43.00 where the USA is now $65.00. We are not being properly served.  It was stated that Justin Trudeau is big Pharma’s little Bitch.

Emotions are running high and it would be a good time to step back and get a hold of ourselves.  New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Italy, France and Austria are the countries targeted by the NWO – WEF. We should watch and closely monitor these countries.

Are we being lied to now with the threat of the virus much lower and less deadly? Perhaps we are. We are just seeing the effects of the vaccines and the potential devastation that hopefully can be avoided. It does not look good as we are noticing very unusual statistics being voiced from many parts of the world. Mothers are losing their babies in the womb; menstrual irregularities are being reported. Athletes are dying on the fields and courts.  Young men in their prime are experiencing enlarged and inflamed hearts (Myocarditis) and children are showing signs of viral infections. Cancers are re-appearing in patients that were cancer free. Internal bleeding is killing people and reported as heart failure. Insurance companies and undertakers are reporting much higher death rates since the vaccines were introduced. Some insurance companies are withholding death payments to covid injected customers. Some medical and scientific workers are calling it "Global Genocide".

My latest finding was an interview with an Embalmer. 

This gentleman is an embalmer and undertaker, his name is Richard Hersman. An embalmer drains the blood and any liquids from the body and fills the veins and blood vessels and arteries with embalming fluid to help preserve the corpse. When the body would not receive the Embalming fluid Mr. Hersman investigated and found the blood vessels were clotted with blood and a white elastic material that was flexible and unusually strong and in many cases 2-3 feet in length. When it was removed and washed it revealed something he had never seen in more than 20 years in the business. This was a shock to him and further investigation revealed that his peers were experiencing the same phenomena. He stated that this had to be the cause of death and after some research all the patients had similar symptoms prior to dying, all had had at least one jab of the covid vax. As time passed, more corpses were showing this unexplained material and he is in the midst of having the growth analyzed. Initially, over 50% of the bodies were showing this growth. In Jan. 2022 showed over 80% with the growth. Mr.Herman is very concerned that this could be the next very real catastrophe just waiting to be revealed. As the vaccines are different in their makeup from batch to batch as the pharma companies are searching for the mixture that gives them the desired results, (we are the Guinee pigs), not everyone is getting the batch that is creating this white growth. Of course, this is only a theory; it is far too early to know. But it is very suspicious, and scary. You can find this story at Dr. Jane

There are so many reasons for folks to not want to take the Jab. Natural immunity is the first, religious concerns, people want more information, not guaranteed with no chance of compensation from government or the manufacturer, There are others but the most compelling is that real scientists that are virologists and recommend real vaccines, say this one for covid is not safe, it needs more testing and that is good enough for me.

Thursday Feb.24th/22.  It would seem that the Senate does have a purpose in Canadian politics.  Trudeau has withdrawn The Emergency Act.

Paul D. Scott.

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