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Ukraine  ??  What Next  ??


June 12th 2023

I have avoided writing my take on the Russian/Ukraine war as it is a very complex situation and there are many ways wen the west might want to deal with where do we go from here. We find ourselves between a rock and a hard place. Our moral instincts tell us that we must stand up for a people whose country has been attacked so viciously. However, Ukraine’s government is every bit as corrupt as it’s invader. There are few countries that are more corrupt than the Ukraine. Russia for many years our adversary and a country that we could be at war with in the near future is not much better.

The United States president, Joe Biden will probably go down as the county’s most corrupt president. He and his family have taken millions in bribes (allegedly) from Ukraine and other countries even though Sleepy Joe may never be accountable for his actions, America is in trouble.

In Canada, our narcissist PM, Mr. Dress-up - Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland, a Ukrainian import, have taken another trip to Ukraine to sprinkle more fairy dust on this war weary country with promises of another half billion plus of our tax money that would be better spent on our counties ailing health care.

Do not be fooled by the lack of honest media coverage we are receiving on Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelensky, of Jewish decent is no better than the worst of our enemies. He has brought the hammer down on all Christians and has put the media under his control. Many are suffering in jail cells and worse under his dictatorship. Billions of aid money is unaccountable and he is begging for more money while extending this war with no negotiating except for total withdrawal of invasion forces and the expulsion of Putin from his position of Russia’s leader.

 When I was growing up as a boy during the second W/W. We were a proud nation with an exemplary record. With all the war materials we have given away, will there be anything to protect our shores when Russia or China or Ukraine decide we are good pickings for our vast farmland, produce, water and raw materials. Some say that the 3rd. W/W has begun. Where will Canada stand?  Will we take sides with the UN?  They are about as corrupt as any choice on the roster. The USA would be smart to stay out of any conflict so declaring neutrality could be the smart move for Canada. Our reserves could be depleted and we have no chance at all of protecting our vast landscape and long borders. This may not be an option as we have alienated ourselves with Russia by being so generous with Ukraine. Russia could very likely invade our shores and declare war on us.

 Our once good friend, the USA will be busy with their own problems. Canada has depended on them for our protection and many Americans are tired of carrying our water. Canada has few options. Hopefully we will be smart enough to mind our own business and let Europe again settle their own problems. However, to protect this land, we must get rid of the terrible leadership we have been under for over 60 years. It is time for sober and intelligent thinkers in our wheel house.

Trust in God’s commandments would be an excellent start.  

 Paul D. Scott

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