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POPE FRANCIS (Naïve)????


Evangelii Gauduim---- Chapter iv  ----250-255


I must admit that I am not very familiar with all the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church.  Being a Baptist from birth and never even thinking about changing my stripes, I have always felt that most protestant doctrine made sense and so why mess with an already confused soul, especially when it comes to religion.  When I have problems in my life, and I have lots! I go straight to my maker in prayer and unload on him in a direct way. Very simple. No middle guy to pass the message on and forgive me on behalf of my God. I would feel terrible to take my sexual desires and thoughts to a priest that I am sure is built the same as  I and must have sexual desires from time to time as all men do.  I am sure that the thoughts going through a young priest’s head when confronted with some sex confessions would have to be “you think-you- have a problem”?

A very dear RC friend visiting my Baptist Church when asked to comment on the music and the service, was consumed totally, that we had no statues of saints standing around to offer prayers to.   My reply was that in my church, we worship one God and his son Jesus Christ.

I have many RC friends and as many friends that claim to be Agnostic and Atheists. I would prefer to take my talent of persuasive powers to the two latter groups but always feel when trying to evangelize, I a sinner, am not worthy to speak to others about my religious convictions, and so many times an opportunity is lost. These people are usually my peers and like minded in many ways, however they do need to know that Jesus died to save them from their sins; Simple enough!  but very hard for me to do. Now if I were faced with the challenge of converting a Muslim? Would I feel the same?  I think not! Of course there are two kinds of Muslims, extremists and the other kind. The other kind being those that claim to be loving and kind and just like us; However, their Koran says that they should be faithful to Mohamed and  follow his teachings which in some cases are barbaric. Peace according to the Koran is only achieved when all mankind have been converted to Islam. Very few of these moderate Muslims are standing up to the Terrorists that have virtually taken over their ancient religion. No sane westerner or European, living in a society of love and Christian beliefs could tolerate the life style taught in the Koran: Shari law allows a man to marry a female child as young as one and to have sex with her at 9 years old. He can have sex with prostitutes and can rape his wife with no repercussions except if it is witnessed by 4 other men. He can be married to 4 wives.  The wife can be returned to her family in disgrace and the family by law can stone the girl to death. If  non Muslims don’t become converted, then slit their throats.

Is this what we want to allow our children and grandchildren to look forward to in their future?  How can we as Christians deal with these proponents of evil. Muslims have, as did the Nazis in the 30’s, the goal of world dominance. Neville Chamberlain was wrong to trust the Nazis, as is the Pope to try to concede to the Muslim community and make them our friends.  A friend is a friend when he accepts you and your differences.   Muslims will never be happy until the world thinks as they do.

I have been accused of spreading hate by forwarding articles and pictures of the atrocities Isis has performed on fellow human beings in the name of Mohammad and the Muslim Koran.  Sharing terrible reported deeds, to those who shy from reality, is not spreading hate. It is rather to warn of what could be our future.

Hitler was thought of in the 1930’s as a lowly army corporal with strange ambitions. Many paid him no heed until all of a sudden he gained enough power to bring the world to its knees in a horrible war. If circumstances were to go in Isis’s favour, they could have a nuclear war machine and create great stress on the free world.   I don’t hate Muslims, I do hate their religion that suppresses and kills any one that will not accept it.


Paul D. Scott.

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