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Carlson & Lemon -Gone

April 25th 2023

Both Fox and CNN have shot themselves in the foot on this one. This of course is only my opinion and if you take that to the bank (as they say) you won’t have enough to buy a cup of coffee. I could care less about Don Lemon; he is and always was an arrogant self-centered woman hater and was not smart enough to hold his tongue when he expressed his opinions in public, some of which many of his soulmates would agree to. However, in the case of CNN and their corrupt management, women must be protected even at the expense of free speech.

Tucker Carlson is a different issue. Many of my Canadian friends and family express a venomous hatred toward Tucker, not unlike their feelings toward former Pres. Trump. This hatred is quite strong but when questioned as to what they hated about him, they had to admit they rarely watched him on Fox but heard terrible things about him. I for one will miss his show as I have learned a great deal from watching him even when it came to Canadian news. He was fired for the very reason he was so popular, he said what others felt but were too timid to say in public. Was this falling out a mutual decision?  Will we ever know the truth? I expect not. Even the most popular can’t escape the evil powers that control free speech and the expression of the word of God. The Bible seems to always find it’s way into my thoughts and writings. The Bible says that Christians will be driven underground and will be silenced by evil men. Is this just another example showing that we must look to the Bible, God and Jesus Christ for the answers to our desire for the truth, not to mankind? 

Fox finds itself up against greater powers in the evil of this world and even with its wealth cannot continue its fight for ever. The US government has been taken over by this evil so who can say the courts are not corrupted as well.  The fine for losing the case against the company that makes the election machines was $787.5 million. More judgements are waiting in the wings so Fox had to start cutting its connections with the likes of Carlson. You can always follow the trail back to the money.  Another Tucker will emerge just as Carlson replaced Bill O’Reilly.  For me and for many millions, Tucker will be missed.

Margaret Sullivan, wrote a piece on this headline and said that Tucker Carlson was one of the worst influences in the American media. She referred to the lies that were told over the many years by this horrible man. However, whenever I have been confronted with this same accusation, there is silence when I ask for some examples of the lies.  I guess Ms. Sullivan ran out of space or ink as not one lie could be found in her rant.

Tucker Carlson went from his Friday night broadcast to speak at the Heritage Foundation 50th anniversary dinner celebration. His last words were that we should tell our beloved family and friends that we love them, and to take 10 minutes every day to pray for our country. Does this sound like a man that would lie to his audience?

 Christians have to stop (Blending in) and start (STANDING OUT)

Paul D. Scott 

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