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A New Year - More of the Same?

Jan 2nd, 2023

Christmas and New Years are in the rear-view mirror and the world looks to the future for better times.  We have all been touched by the events of the past three years and are ready to get back to our lives as they were. Covid 19 seems to be over, at least in North America, China is another story.

We do have to concern ourselves with the re-action the authorities are going to take to the variants that will pop up. This is not over by any stretch of the imagination. Covid has created too many multi billionaires and control over the population of the world to let it fizzle out. For those of us that see the world as it is and not as we would like it to be, we see that evil has taken the place of good in almost everything - in politics, medicine, entertainment and the media. Institutions in the USA such as the FBI, the CIA and the head of the country, the president are up to their necks in the swamp of corruption and deceit. The majority of the democrats are in favour of the actions of these bodies, they are content to have more authority over their lives for the security of not having to make daily decisions for themselves. That opens the door for the WEF under the leadership of Klaus Schwab and his henchman Yuval Noah Havari, both allegedly, leaders of the Fourth Reich and intent on reducing world population and turning most who are left into Transhumans by using injections. The RNA vax which is the entry point for Transhumanism.  This is not a secret conspiracy but factual. Schwab, Havari, Trudeau, {Castro}, Freeland and Biden, Bill Gates, George Soros and so many more are on board with this evil concept.  Henry Kissinger was the father of this movement back in 1972 to de-humanize the world population and many more have joined his group such as George Bush, the Royal Family, the Clintons and much of the world banking establishment along with a large portion of mega industry, Blackrock etc.

Canadians have to search for this information as it is not readily available to the general public. Our media has been bribed by our government to the tune of $1.2 billion to the CBC and another $600 million to the print and other media. If you want this hand out, be nice to the ruling government of Trudeau {Castro}. Censorship and lies are doing well in Canada. When I mention our banking system, the Bank of Canada is already implementing a digital I.D. crypto system and currency patterned off the Chinese system.  Did you know our Chrystia Freeland is on the board of the WEF and Canada has donated over $100 million dollars to their coffers. When our government was asked by over 1000 citizens about our involvement with the WEF, we were told there was nothing to see here and go away. I think 100 million dollars of our money is something to be concerned about. Did you know that Canada has imported 130,000 Ukraine immigrants in the last three months of 2022 and we have brought in over 431,640 immigrants in the year 2022. Is it any wonder we have a housing shortage? Immigration is good for our country and what better humanitarian effort could we ask for. However, how well were these people vetted? The country has always been considered one of the most corrupt and filled with Nazi sympathizers. Our civil service can’t even get passports out to our own citizens. Are we importing more troubles?

I love my country Canada; I am a 3rd. generation Canadian and this country has been good to me. My grandparents arrived here with only the clothes on their backs and hope for a better future. Limbs were lost and lives were given by my families in two great wars for the lifestyle we enjoy today. I am not in any mood to leave my children and grandchildren to a world of lost traditions and morals we fought so valiantly to preserve. Godless heathens are trying to take over and change us all into subhuman drones to do their bidding. Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine in a recent interview said “covid is just the beginning of a struggle for years to come, man’s independence from transhumanism. To reject Christianity is a fast road to Hell.” He said, we hope for the best and fear for the worst.

Timothy Alberino, author of the recent book, “Birth Rite” on Transhumanism and post Humanism, foresees death. To be saved, you must be human. Alberino claims that if we continue with the regiment of vaccines that are continually being forced on us, by 2045 we will not be able to have natural birth as it will be compromised. We are at the end of the age Picis, and entering a new age. 

Insurance companies are starting to become concerned that death rates generally are up 40%. A rise of 10% is alarming but 40% is of great concern. This survey was of working age men and women 18-64 years old. Disability claims are also alarmingly high. One large insurance company in Germany is refusing death claims if you were vaccinated. Denmark has stopped the vax program for all over 60 years old.  Vaccinated bodies are being reported by the embalmers and funeral directors with blood clots and strange growths in the blood vessels and arteries of many that they are attempting to embalm.  Studies are showing that there are now more deaths from the vax program than covid.

With all the info piling up against the vaccine program, most will not respond to the facts, they will follow the big pharma and government lies. This is a phenomenon that no one seems to be able to explain. My thoughts are extreme by some standards but they are open for discussion. Evil has taken over in this world and this is intentional by all that is true and good. We are being tested to see who will choose evil against good. It is simple to any that have the choice to make. Are you for man’s way or are you for the way of our creator?  I urge you to choose wisely.

Paul D. Scott

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