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It’s a Crazy World

June 27th2023


Look around, all seems to be back to normal. The spring came as it always does with the Daffodils and Crocus challenging the  last remnants of snow and ice. The trees all blossomed forth and the grass finally greened up ready for the first cut. Summer has followed and to-day we are getting record rainfall, it is pouring harder than normal but I am sure that it has rained as hard in my past. The forests of our great north are ablaze as is in Australia and many other parts of the world.  The spring flooding was not really an issue this year.  Hurricanes are to be fewer this year so Florida and coastal areas will be thankful for that. The ice is melting in our Arctic and giving some reason for some living on the coasts of the world of flooding. Rich people and those so worried about these things such as Barack Husain Obama still spend millions on sea front property. Antarctic is creating more ice.  The Polar Bears are having problems but are greater in numbers since records were begun. Tornadoes are still a problem in the Rust belt of the USA but on the whole, things seem to be normal weather wise. So, who is thinking about Climate Change? The climate has been changing for hundreds of thousands of years. If the oceans rise by a minute amount, how will that be a tragedy?  I have lived on the water on Florida’s west coast for 50 years where the tides are running 5-6 feet. Man lives and survives by adjusting to his surroundings.  The panic is with our so-called leaders, they are the ones concerned for our wellbeing and using the most convenient gift “climate “to extract more and more wealth from our pockets. Canadians are again being attacked with yet another tax under a different name but still a tax in July. This will cost every tax payer another few hundred dollars a year to fight this vapour evil, CLIMATE. The media tells us that studies show that the biggest concern on our population is Climate change. The media are once again lying. Man can’t be that stupid! The world is literally going to Hell in a handbasket and we are concerned about the weather. Our world is on the brink of destruction by man, not the weather. That will come soon enough. We are closer to a 3rd world war that if it gets out of hand could be the destruction of 2/3rds of the human species. There are evil entities that would have us culled and divided into sub-humans and they are at work all around us. Covid followed up by the Bio weapon called vaccines that could be the precursor to the “End Times.” When God has seen enough of man destroying himself, he will take over and then we will see what Climate Change is all about. God, the controller will finally be in charge. The Bible predicts flooding and Fire and Pestilence, earth quakes and storms, never before seen by man.  Climate Change will be our concern then, not now.

We must, each of us take our lives back from those who would destroy us. We are slowly being destroyed by our water, food and air quality. There is plenty of information available that no one should die by their own hand. Good food and exercise are a start to a better life. Get enough sleep and take supplements if your diet demands more Vitamins such as C D & E.  Stop being a Lemming following the leader over the cliff.  Be your own person and do what you will know is best for you, after you study all your options. For instance, Statin drugs, chemotherapy and some false vaccines are killing hundreds of thousands of us every year. We must be more vigilant than ever before.  I am not the perfect example by any means; however, I feel that my quick recovery from my auto accident twice in 1963 and again in 1983 was the unauthorized taking of vitamin E.  Statin drugs for Cholesterol is a debilitating poison and can be very bad for some people.  Chemotherapy, Chemo meaning chemical is a poison that is sent to kill cancer cells. It also kills everything else it comes in contact with including your natural immune system. It is now a fact that the vaccine that is intended for covid19, is not a vaccine at all and the latest report from the world ‘s second best hospital, the Cleveland Clinic, states in a report that after a large survey that the more you take the Jab the more likely you will get covid repeatably. This study will only be argued by idiots.  

My thoughts and ideas about life are foreign to some and because they find it hard to see another side of a life story, will take offence to the point of breaking what was once a meaningful friendship. I have been called uninformed, ignorant, bigoted, biased, a hypocrite, populist, nationalist and a neo nazis. These are all strong expressive words to call a fellow traveler, when a simple discussion between sensible people would be so much more civil.  My dear friend D.P. who has passed now was quite different than I.  All we had in common was that we loved to travel and sail. We had sister 36 ft Gulfstar motorsailers and a love of the theatre and good music. “D” was a Jewish agnostic and a liberal {Democrat}. We would discuss all sorts of subjects and the air would at times be pretty thick but at the end of our discussions and before saying good night, we would hug and say, wasn’t that fun. Exchanging ideas and respecting one another was a valuable lesson.  We never had a harsh word in our free-for-alls and were friends to the end. Our last discussion was over the phone when we discussed Trump and his run for the Presidency in 2016. Heavy stuff for many when it is not hard to believe some will come to blows on this subject. I respected my friend and I hope his feelings toward me were the same.

I will never forget our last visit. We giggled nervously about Helen and her loss of memory. We all knew the gravity of her affliction. Helen was entering one of the most sobering times. She was entering into the dark black hole of Alzheimer’s and there is little one can do but watch a loving couple shrink into a numbing state of just existing. Helen passed a few months later and “D” died of a broken heart soon after. I know deep down that my friend had a belief in a supreme being but could not bring himself to admit it. Every Christmas “D” would find a choir in the Sarasota area that was performing Handel’s Messiah and join to be a part of the greatest music man has performed on earth.

This world is not what we envisioned for our senior years nor will it ever be the same. Evil is all around and when we have not been exposed to it as many have not, denial comes easy and sadly it will be quite a surprise for many when the Bible prophesies are played out.  Life on earth will never get back to normal and a great deal of pain is in store for mankind before that day when God returns to bring peace.  I pray for my friends that have no answers and use hurtful words to vent their frustrations. I remember an old radio program that we would listen to before TV, “Back to the Bible”.  That is my prayer for this sad world. We need to get back on track. BTTB. – Back To The Bible.  

Paul D. Scott.   




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