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Senator Beyak 


Sen. Lynn Beyak not a player.


What has happened to our right to have an opinion that differs from our media, politicians and government. It used to be called free speech.   Senator Lynn Beyak seems to be a free thinker and her thoughts differ from both the liberal and the conservatives who believe that just because the programs for the Indigenous people of this land hasn’t worked in the past, there is no reason why they should take a closer look at our past mistakes and do something different.

Ms. Beyak is from Dryden Ontario. I challenge the reader; do you know where Dryden is? have you ever been there? Have you lived amongst our native people and witnessed first hand their unique life style? I was a travelling salesman in the north in the late 50’s and early 60’s and was exposed as Lynn is to the Indian population. This is by no means meant to down grade this race but their culture is one of Hunters and gatherers. Their race has been on this continent for over 40,000 years and to change inbred instincts in a mere 400 years may be asking too much.  I for one would like our governments to be less insistent on group- think and more willing to hear new ideas from people like Senator Beyak. Throwing money at this group, and we are doing that in a horrendous fashion, is not the answer. Our indigenous neighbours are not citizens because they are not treated the same as the rest of us. It is time we changed our attitude toward this culture.

Remarks regarding Ms. Beyak’s  stand on the residential schools is without first hand knowledge of the problems the government was facing at the time. I am the father of two profoundly deaf boys and my children were also taken from us in the 60’s and put into a residential school. They were very young and we were heart broken but understood that we were probably not equipped  to deal with their handicap.  

Mentally challenged of all ages were also institutionalised. They have now been put out into society and that has created problems as many are now amongst our homeless population. In the case of our indigenous children, they were taken out of the wilderness and in many cases from abusive parents and given a new language and an education that would allow them to function in this new world they would have to live in.

 All residential schools are faced with the same problems.

Instead of trying to dismiss Ms. Beyak from the senate, perhaps we should be listening to her and others that have been closer to the indigenous life style. They should not be closed down because they have a different perspective. It takes two teams to make a game and other views need to be listened to for a better understanding of such a complex problem. Perhaps one that will work. The present system surely isn’t.

My Canadian flag at the front of my home is flying not proud and stately, but upside down in a silent protest against, not the indigenous people but against my government for their lack of leadership and protection of the majority of us.  

Written March 3rd, 2020

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